The Awkward Black GIrl Joins HBO

HBO brings a different kind of television to its network this fall. Youtube sensation,  Issa Rae, a 31 year old comedian from Los Angeles stars in her own show 'Insecure.' Known for her rawness on screen and ability to create stories for her show that you can not find on television, the youtube starlet has gained worldwide attention for her two successful seasons of  "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl," gearing toward the representations and authenticity of people of color. Her funny yet relatable methods of reaching millions via youtube has blossomed her from behind the youtube camera to a major network. She definitely executes real scenarios while giving the world a first hand look on the perspective of being a woman of color enduring different experiences within our society. The online series that started back in 2011 has gained worldwide attention by many public figures including musician/producer Pharell.


Rae is a recipient of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and winner of  a Shorty award back in 2012. She has definitely made her mark in the entertainment industry. She went on to team with super producer Shonda Rhimes on a pilot set to air on ABC network. Created by Rae and Larry Wilmore, Insecure is HBO's newest scripted series starring Rae. This is the first ever television series by an African American woman on the HBO network. The show focuses on different life experiences of both professional and personal events surrounding African American women in today's society. Insecure gives the network a raw untapped touched that HBO has been waiting to unleashed since the show was scheduled  back in 2015. Although it has taken Rae years to develop into a television worthy actress, she has not stopped on delivering her message and insights to the world. The show also gives a deeper audience connection with rapits usage of rap throughout specific scenes to convey a given story.The cast also includes Jay Ellis, from BET's hit show "The Game." Musical selections throughout the series curated by Solange Knowles as the music consultant. With over 1 million viewers for it's season premiere, Insecure may just be a game changer for the HBO network.

You can catch Issa Rae as herself, in HBO's new sitcom InsecureEvery Sunday at 10:30 PM CST