Female Organization demands Trump Exit the Race

Hundreds of Supporters for Donald Trump and Protesters hovered around Trump Tower in Downtown Chicago this morning.

The Chicago Chapter of the National Organization for Women, which describes themselves as a group focusing on preserving feminist issues for women across the city.  

Last week, Several Hundred women organized a rally outside Trump Tower in New York City demanding the GOP pull the plug on the Republican presidential nominee’s endorsement after the release of a leaked video showing Trump describing sexual acts he would presumably do to women.

Darcell Chapell, a member of the Chicago chapter told City Bureau that the leaked tape only make women feel powerless in the unfortunate experiences knowing men in power are discussing sick acts of sexual behavior that they would do to you.

Trump responded by playing down his decade old remarks, referring to them as "locker-room banter." While he has “apologized” and felt embarrassed by his remarks, many believed he only underestimated the real issue.  College campuses across the nation have encouraged women of all cultures to stand up and let their voice be heard.  

Some forty Republican leaders have removed their support of Trump have now removed their support for the Hotel Proprietor and calling on him to exit the race altogether. House Speaker Paul Ryan told lawmakers on Monday he would not defend the businessman in the election's closing weeks. But the head of the Republican National Committee declared he was in full coordination with the embattled presidential nominee.