Kanye West Takes Shots At Jay Z for not being a "Real Friend"

Kanye West has beef yet again but you’ll never guess who it’s with, his best Friend Hov!

During his latest Saint Pablo Tour show, Kanye took multiple breaks to subliminally shoot shots at Jay Z regarding his lack of responsiveness after the Kim Kardashian robbery:

Kanye went on throughout the night venting to the audience about Jay Z's motives and leading insight on what really happened to the “Pop Style” track on Drake’s View’s album which West was extracted from. According to Ye, due to Apple Music and Tidal competition, Jay Z is to blame for Kanye’s verse not being on Pop Style's Album version unlike the single featuring both Jay z and Kanye which was released exclusively for Apple Music. To make matters worse, Ye also proclaimed that there would never be a "Watch The Throne 2."

Hopefully this is only one of Kanye's temporary rants and as men, Ye and Hov should handle their issues outside of public eye. It is clear that Kanye's feelings are hurt giving that Hov has always been his right hand man. Let's hope Kanye doesn't have any more venting sessions in the duration of his tour.