Kevin Gates Is Found Guilty, Sentenced To 6 months In Jail.

Kevin Gates will be spending the next 6 months in a Florida prison. The Louisiana rapper learned his fate yesterday after a jury found him guilty of misdemeanor battery. County Judge Sharon Franklin sentenced Kevin Gates to 180 days in jail, three times more than what prosecutors requested for the misdemeanor battery conviction.

The charges stemmed from an August 2015 incident, in which the 30-year-old rapper was filmed kicking a woman in the chest during his concert in Lakeland, Florida. Prior to this week’s verdict, Gates insisted he was innocent and was simply defending himself under Florida's infamous "Stand Your Ground" law. He claimed the victim, Miranda Dixon, was trying to pull him off stage by repeatedly grabbing his shorts from the crowd. Gates said that Dixon wouldn’t heed his verbal warning, so he used “necessary force” to ensure he wouldn’t be harmed


Miranda was present to testify during Wednesday’s court hearing.

“He lifted his foot up and kicked me,” she said.

Gates’ attorney Jose Baez attacked Dixon’s credibility, saying she was lying to get money in a separate civil suit against the rapper.

“Her credibility is to be questioned and you will not be able to beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt in this case believe her and that is why you should enter a verdict of not guilty in this case,” he said, according to Fox 13.

Gates told Franklin he is in constant fear of his life due to death threats and that no one was on stage with him that night.

Security footage showed there were seven other men and a child on stage.

“Defendant testified that he is always scared for his safety at his shows because of death threats he’s received, yet he allowed a very young child to not only walk out on stage with him but allowed this child to remain on the stage for the entire performance,” Franklin wrote.

Gates recorded song “The Truth” to set the record straight on the events of that night.

“I will not be disrespected, n***a or b***h,” Gates says in the opening of his record.

Gates goes on to give his side of what happened during his performance, rapping, “All in the news bout what happened in Florida/Posted on World Star, iPhone recorded/She grabbed my d**k, overreacted I’m sorry/Two or three times, I already warned her.”

The jury, made up of six white women, ultimately found Gates guilty. The state reportedly requested 60 days in jail, with one year of probation, and mandatory anger management classes; however, the county judge Sharon Franklin tripled that sentence with credit for any time served, as well as fines and court costs.