Extendo Media Launches New Parody Driven Clothing Line

Upcoming business Extendo Media has used the power of parody to create a clothing line. Founded and own by Chicago rapper Von Marley in 2013, Extendo transcends across several different facets of media (including video production, graphic design, photography, etc.). Their clothing line specifically focuses on parodying some of the country's most recognizable images usually into a weed reference. In fact, the company’s logo itself is a parody of the “Nintendo” logo re-adapted into a term generally associated with long blunts.

Despite the lines growing popularity, it has also garnered some criticism due to its often drug or violent slogans. To this the Von replies;

“Extendo isn’t a brand attempting to appeal to everyone, I created the line based of clothes that me and people like myself would wear. We also have pieces that don’t contain a drug or violent reference because at the end of the day we understand that our target demographic aren’t all smokers or gangsters.”

Extendo Clothing is currently being sold via Amazon and is available in men, women, and youth sizes and via their website. With the Christmas season quickly approaching be sure to not be the last one rocking clothing by Extendo.