The Kings of Comedy Announce Bernie Mac Day on the Steve Harvey Show

Monday November 14th, Steve Harvey dedicated his concluding daytime talk show to the legacy of the late Bernie Mac. The notorious comedian passed away in 2008 at the age of 50. Steve Harvey wrote about is friend on his show and had a very sensitive moment in the midst of the tribute.

The talk show host was joined by Comedians D.L Hughley and Cedric the Entertainer as well as Mike Epps via Satellite. United together the original Kings of Comedy pay homage to their lost friend Bernie Mac in announcing that Nov. 14th is now declared Bernie Mac Day by Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

Steve Harvey goes on to say, “This is from the City of Chicago. It’s a proclamation that says, In recognition of Bernie’s remarkable life & Legacy, Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel has proclaimed Nov. 14th Bernie Mac Day.”

Harvey, joined by Bernie Mac’s wife Rhonda McCullough Gilmore and his daughter Je’Neice McCullough, urges a message to his audience. “I urge all Chicagoans to mark this occasion just as Bernie would have,”.

“With Thanksgiving for both our trials & triumphs, and finding the humor no matter what. It’s Bernie Mac Day today”.