Russell Simmons sends letter to Our New President

Russell Simmons advises Donald Trump to end his campaign on hatred. In an open later published through the Huffington Post, Simmons shared his thoughts on the recent presidential election. In the letter, Simmons congratulates the Presidential elect on his success while addressing some of his concerns as a U.S. citizen. Although the two have been friends for over thirty years, Simmons was not an advocate throughout Trump's campaign. The hip hop mogul did state that he is willing to navigate positively with America's new president as long as his radical beliefs are addressed and conformed to a positive state that will morally benefit the United States of America.

"Since you were elected, Donald, we have already seen hundreds of incidents around the country of hate, whether swastikas spray-painted on buildings or students taunting children of color... it is terrifying. And many of them claim to do it in your name. As our president-elect, as a man, as a human being with children (who I have known since they were all born), it is your duty to denounce this kind of behavior immediately. This is not the legacy you want to leave behind." - Russell Simmons via Huffington Post.

A long time friend of the nation's 45th President, Russell Simmons seems extremely prominent about Donald Trump utilizing his hierarchy for the good of the nation. Simmons wants to ensure that the radical statements and "change" that Trump promised during his race for the oval office is that of great intentions for the United States of America. To read the full open letter to Donald Trump, click here. <- hyperlink