Willie Wilson bails out 46 Cook Co. Illinois Jail inmates


Former Chicago Mayoral candidate Businessman Willie Wilson bailed 46 inmates out of the Cook County Jail Wednesday afternoon who had non-violent misdemeanors crimes. 

 Wilson also bailed the inmates out to bring awareness to a jail system that often leaves the poor behind bars for petty crimes.

The biggest change, Wilson says, needs to take place in Springfield.

"That's a sad situation that our politicians could stand by and watch this thing happen. It takes an individual citizen like myself to step up to the plate and donate money and to make the thing change. And all they had to do was pass a bill,” Wilson said.

According to a spokesperson, Wilson has spent $50,000 of his own money to bail out a 100 plus people.

Wilson is also planning a Thanksgiving meal for all of the people he has helped get out of prison. The individuals will not only receive a meal but take home $200. Wilson plans to release 2 to 3 thousands of individuals by next year.