Lupe Fiasco is fighting for social injustices in Chicago deprived areas

Photo Cred: Ben Bitton

Photo Cred: Ben Bitton

Saturday marked the first annual celebrity bowling tournament that brought out celebrities to raise awareness the limited access to healthy and nutritious foods, music and art instruction as well as various community based programs that fill the void that many low income residents in Chicago have been deprived of.

The M.U.R.A.L (Magnifying Urban Realities & Affecting Lives) project is a grassroots organization that was founded in 2009, by Lupe Fiasco and his sister Ayesha Jaco who saw firsthand how families living in areas of Chicago that were deprived of necessities that wealthier communities had access to. What started as an annual coat and food drive aimed at areas such as West Garfield and Englewood grew into music education, cultural exchange programs and food drives.


The united states has faced massive budget cutsfor art and music instruction in public school settings and Ayesha Jaco, executive director and Lupe’s sister says her brother realized the need to offer inner city youth of chicago the resources they need in order to be successful, “quote from video”

Since 2010, the organization has provided over 4000 inner-city residents access to healthy foods with pop-up community meals and various other free community based cooking classes to teach residents healthier ways to prepare meals.

Celebrities such as Marina Squarecheck star of Chicago PD was in attendance and said she supports the cause because it is a definite need for kids to have access to resources that will help them reach their potential

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In addition, the organization has also gone on to implement a cultural exchange program in which high school students will study abroad to gain an understanding of other cultures to engage in dialogue differences with youth from around the world.  Music and Art is personal to Lupe seeing as though many Public Schools do not offer programs tailored to offering students with the opportunity to realize their potential which is why the Foundation created a teacher certified program to incorporate elements of music into education standards.

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