Soulja Boy vs. Chicago's Rico Recklezz

Last night, Soulja Boy once again took to Twitter to make public threats at a "rapper" he allegedly has beef with. Although Soulja Boy never mentioned the rapper directly, the recently deleted sub tweets did confirm that the rapper is a Chicago native. Soulja Boy tweeted:“I got 100k cash right now who in Chicago wanna kill this Ni**a for me,” and “He gon be dead before 2017. We sliding. I got 100k on his head.



The 26 year old rapper apparently called out Chicago's own Rico Recklezz,  a rapper primarily known for his diss tracks toward his fellow Chicago artists. More recently, Recklezz had released a freestyle entitled "No Talking," which is a direct diss track toward Soulja Boy and Ayoo KD. Clearly the diss track did not sit well with Soulja which allegedly conspired the recent rant. Recklezz got word of the tweets and did not hold back from publicly responding to Soulja Boy's antics. 



Soulja Boy has yet to directly respond to Rico via Twitter. You can check out the No Talking diss track by Rico Reckless below.