How America Elected Donald Trump

"F**k Trump" rants all through the street as President Elect Donald Trump clinches over Hillary Clinton. As people cheer for joy and other rant in hate, lets ask ourselves how did we get to this point. 

This the point of view from an African, or black man as many Americans would label me, so please read thoroughly before you pass judgement, I did. As a creative I ramble a lot (like I'm doing now), but I promise it makes sense.

Why So Serious? Its just entertainment

50cent once said in a interview that his method of being a villain, is all marketing. When he was taking shots at the great Oprah, he stated in order for him to be mentioned in the same sentence as her, he would have to go against her.  The method granted him such success before; if you a true hip hop fan you will remember when 50cent made the song "How To Rib" about robbing the music industry current influential artists.

A list that included DMX, Ja Rule and Jay-Z; which resulted in Jay-Z famous sound bite "Im about a dollar,What the fuck is 50cent".  it was said after Hov shouted him out 50cent sent him a bottle of Champaign because his work was done; he became relevant. In recent years 50cent picked a battle with Fox's show Empire. Power vs Empire began a big thing, in order for fans to choose they would have to watch both shows, which made Power relevant.

So how does this relates to Donald Trump you ask? well lets begin by me saying, I never paid him attention, like the guy from reality tv is running for president, ( Side Note President Ronald Reagan was a movie Star) America would never allow that to happen. As things got going all you saw was Donald Trump, but it was all negative stuff. He said what ever he wanted, to whom he wanted on the biggest platform in America; Presidential Election.

Just like 50cent, trump had to take shots at his competitors in order to be relevant, because no one takes him serious. Just watch the debates, it looked liked we were watching love and hip hop instead of trying to gain insight on what our candidates believe in. He took shots at President Obama, saying he is not an American citizen, calling him a bad president. As a result people start paying attention, we started having conversations, we started watching to see what he was going to say next......ratings went up and Donald Trump became a house hold name.

The numbers for October are not in at the moment, but in September 2016 CNN Politics  attracted an audience of 34 million unique visitors across platforms, an increase of 33% over the prior year. Followed by  28 million  for HuffPost Politics,  20 million ,  17 million Fox News Politics,  14 million The Hill,  and 11 million MSNBC TV.

Some more stats to look at ( Side note, viewers mean more ad dollars $$$) :

CNN #1 IN CABLE NEWS FOR FOUR STRAIGHT WEEKS     9/26/16 to 10/25/16

According to Nielson 84 million people tuned into the first presidential debate, making it the most watched debate in American history. It beat out the the 1980 Ronal Reagan vs Jimmy Carter ( Ronald Regan again ).  Note that the 2012 debate was only 67 million.

Donald Trump and his camp did a great job of making him relevant and entertaining I must admit even I would watch some of his material and laugh. His incompetence was very amusing but people seemed to gravitate towards him. He had catchy slogans "Make America great again" not to mention the hats. The speech his wife gave. He came in the race as the Villain and like in any reality tv show, we love the villain. 

I'm going to wrap this up here because I'm rambling again....but 50 cent and Donald Trump have some similarities in their approach. We live in a country that respects free speech, no one says we have to listen though. America should of welcomed Trump with deaf ears.

Social Media and Distractions

I wish I had the time to search memes to place in articles but honestly there have been so many posted on the internet I challenge the very people who actually decided to read this to look em up, I'm certain many of you have at least one Trump meme on your phone.

Now that we've gotten that out the way lets be clear even thought social media played a huge role of boosting Trump's presidential stock, it helped bring awareness to his mis haps. Honestly if it wasn't for social media no one would of known that his wife stole Michelle Obama's speech. Social media is the millennial generation #1 source for news and entertainment (you can see we have our work cut out for us lol) the first thing a 21 year does in the morning is grab his/her phone to began to check his/her time line or news feed.

So with constant social updates with out any real substance no one can really be educated ( I'm rambling again). Well the content that is fed to us on social media most of the time is just to inform but not educate. It will tell you the police killed someone but tell you why. In most cases as seen on video, police officers were in the wrong but in some cases no real facts were presented. So what I'm trying to convey is that social media puts out things and people run with it without inquiring facts. 

How does this relates to our future commander and chief, well lets begin by saying this election was the first in my life time where people were forced to pick a side publicly and was ready to defend their choice by any means necessary. I've witness people protest candidates but never seen a Presidential rally get dismantled  and result in a brawl. What happen to the first amendment. Chicagoans totally disrespected his campaign, and took pride; even made t-shirts you know of the big BLACK guy ripping the poster ( google it, I will not do it for you). It became a cool thing to do. No one really understood why they hated trump, he made few comments and now he is the devil? how about you just ignore. Wale once said a person worth some anger is worth some effort. If someone gets you angry that have some power over you, they control your emotions. People picked sides without really paying attention to what was going on. Trump views were comical and blunt, but it made him relatable, it made him an American. He stood for what the country believed freedom of speech, violence, independence and money.

Lets not forget Black Lives Matter. I will go on record saying ALL LIVES MATTER, but as a black man in America it does seem like we are targeted. Whats Black Lives Matter fail to realize is that this country wasn't established on the principles of caring about black lives. At one point we were considered 3 fifths of a person ( -_- ) like who has the rights to do that. Not to mention we couldn't vote, but still had to pay taxes. They raped our woman, called grown men boy, made us walk with our heads down. Burned down whole cities because they were living to good to be negros ( just to sum it up ). Why continue to ask for equally from someone who doesn't  like you. 

So to end my rant, BLM is not a waste of time but it wasted its platform. Someone who is well educated, healthy, full with love and happiness  is a live. Most blacks can't say that about themselves, so thats where the movement lost its purpose. Activist now a days talk good and post on social media even better but don't understand the purpose. Someone said its about racism, explain to me how you gone get a law passed that says a person can't be racist anymore? But it looked cute to post on the social sites, march, fist pumped but nothing was solved. This generation believes their revolutionaries, thinks they are panthers, but really are hippies.

Trump distracted us from the real, not saying that was his intentions but it flowed that way. If we would of ignored him, he would've had any power. We fed into it, we fed into the police shootings. we allowed it to consume us, and we picked a side. we didn't allow ourselves to educate one another to what was being done, we knew the cops were bad and Trump was worse.  On the other side you have people who see the world different and agrees with the idea of getting rid of Mexicans who work for cheap and can be potentially taking a job from a American. Why not vote for a guy who says he grabs beautiful women by the vagina, I mean its locker room talk right. If we could have a recording to every conversation that goes down in a barbershop or hair salon, man a lot of people would be out of work. ( Im rambling again, huh).

To sum it up, take the fight off the social site, because half the time people are posting for likes anyway. Donald Trump was trending on social media because of posts and some of the things he said made sense to a lot people, it got him elected. Maybe if we educated one another, we could of prevented this from happening. Maybe if we took the fight to our alderman and reps, we would see change. Just maybe if we put down the social media and didn't entertain ignorance, Trump would have made it pass the primary. Its like that children story with the two kids who wonder off, and eat the house full of candy, but really you making yourself taste better for someone else to eat off you. Drop a comment below if any of this makes sense, if not hey I own the platform so I can pretty much publish what I want.