#OscarsSoWhite | By: @parisxraymond

With the Oscars being one day away, the excitement for the award show grows stronger as we’re getting closer, but only to certain people. These certain people begin white people. This year will be the 88th Academy Award ceremony but not a single black has been nominated to win an award.

As every year, there were many great movies made for America to see. 6000 of those Americans are voting members who work for the Oscars to nominate actors, film editors, directors, best picture and many more.  The Oscar nominations as well as the Oscar winners are chosen because of the outstanding individual work or collective film achievements. However, the voting members this year made decisions that they’ll never forget.

When the Oscars nominations were revealed on January 14th via live broadcast, many black actors and actresses took a stand when they saw that no one that was black was nominated. Many decided to boycott the Oscars this year. Actress Jada Pinkett Smith who said she wont even watch the Oscars this year, posted this video on Facebook talking about the entire situation https://www.facebook.com/jada/videos/10153983404106320/ Filmmaker and former actor Spike Lee wrote this post https://www.instagram.com/p/BArm7C2Sqh_/ on Instagram stating how this is the second year in the row where no one black was nominated. Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, known for his lead role in ’12 Years A Slave’, reached out to The Daily Beast saying, "It's not really about the Academy, necessarily. It's about equality in our society. And that's why it's become such a hot issue”.


After many of the post from celebrities surfaced the Internet, it caught the attention of thousands of people. News shows such as Good Morning America even brought up the entire situation and interviewed a few people. The attention grew even more when a couple of facts about the Oscars came out and shocked the world.

HuffingtonPost.com released the fact that from the first year of the Oscars from 1929 to this year 2016 Oscars, more than 2,900 Oscars have been given out and only 32 of those winners were black. In the category for Best Actor/Best Actress and Supporting Actor/Actress there were 14 winners. TheAtlantic.com released that out of 6,000 of the American voters, only 3% of the voters are black. 94% of the voters are white. 77% of the voters are men with an average of 63 years old of age.

With all the information that has been released about the Oscars, show being played during Black History Month, and many blacks boycotting, many are wondering how Chris Rock, host of the 88th Academy Awards, will handle the situation. Will he bring up the situation? You can watch the Oscars live on February 28th on ABC.