Black Fashion Week USA | By: @parisxraymond

Last week was the 2nd annual Black Fashion Week USA, where African American designers illustrated their projects for the vying eyes of the public. On Friday (Feb. 26th), right before a well put together fashion show there was a panel discussion with 5 different African American businesses and fashion leaders.

The discussion included Fred Sanders, a celebrity make up artist, Yamaia Faye, a international model and designer, and many other talented African American business speakers. The purpose of the discussion was to give a little advice about branding, modeling, and styling. Overall, many of the speakers thoroughly explained their answers while leading up to the main subject of the discussion. 


In particular, Fred Sanders wanted to make it clear how important it is to support each other. Sanders said, “Out of all of the many cultures, our culture is the last one that will support one another. Our people want to look at you up and down and give their money to another culture’s business instead of our own.” All speakers really expressed that support is a main factor when it comes to any type of business whether it’s fashion, designing, food, makeup, or anything. Support can come a long way in a business and when it doesn’t, it causes you to make hard decisions even if you’re alone which was well put by Yamaia Faye.

Yamaia gave everyone a shocker when she explain her story of how she “jumped”. She discussed on how she had very little support from people, even her two brothers. People thought her ideas were crazy and unrealistic. But she didn’t let what others had to say stop her. She went on with her ideas and “jumped” to Europe where she ended up building her portfolio of modeling commissions for agencies and fashion designers. And the rest is history. Yamaia Faye supported herself and jumped into her destiny, and she wants you to do the same.

Africana Chic

Africana Chic

After the panel discussion, there was an amazing fashion show where so many talented, young black people could have their works exposed. You can get a chance to see more talented young designers tonight at 200 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60604. You can buy tickets at