Drake and Summer Sixteen By Tikia Travis | @___tkia

Drake (aka Drizzy aka 6 God) recently released Summer Sixteen which many believe he released to reignite his fall 2015 feud with Meek. Many Drake fans keep up with his day-to-day behavior by following him on Instagram and Twitter. From what I can tell about him, he’s a businessman, somewhat introversial with people who aren’t in his “inner circle”, and a perfectionist. Drakes music is a craft. Since he first joined the music arena with iconic figures: Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and Kanye (to name a few) his skill has only improved. With the release of this new song, it brings back memories to his sophomore album Take Care. One song in particular on the album, Cameras/Good ones Go, he made reference to the summer by saying, “Summer’s mine, swear I said it about a hundred times I’mma need it back…” Do you see the pattern? Has Drake been subliminally leading his fans to believe that he’s going to be the hottest rapper during the summer? Yes, that sounds crazy, but Drizzy has always been the one to surprise his fans.


Along with the release of Summer Sixteen just three days ago, Drizzy announced that his senior album Views From the 6 will release sometime in April. With this release date being right before the summer, could we be expecting a Views Tour this upcoming fall or winter? While his album has been in production for the past few months, Drake has kept busy dabbling in an ongoing feud with Maybach Music Group artist, Meek Mill (aka Twitter Fingers). The feud started with Meek taking to Twitter and accusing Drizzy of not writing his own raps because he did not promote Meeks fresh out of the pen sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money. Besides Meek expressing his disdain for Drake having a ghostwriter, he went forth with defamation of Drake’s character continuously taking shots at Drake for weeks. Now, anyone who knows the history of Drake and Meek’s friendship would know that they were pretty good friends right before their dispute. Click here to see the history of their friendship and what led to its decline. Meek being in a back and forth beef with himself via twitter, (because let’s face it, Drake isn’t the type of guy that types to other guys, lol!) Drizzy responded in a classical way. He let his verses speak for themselves and came out with two dis tracks: First Charged Up; second Back to Back (Which has now been nominated for a Grammy). After Drake released Charged Up, Meek took to twitter once again criticizing Drakes dis track. Drake Finally, “settled the score” by releasing Back to Back, his second dis track towards Meek officially denoting him the ‘winner’ of the beef. In the final line of Drakes dis track he says, “I took a break from views, now it back to that.” Iconic right? That was a boss move. His whole dis track was a boss move.


So, with Meek coming for Drake at every turn, he seems to be excelling in life. Fans are excited for Summer Sixteen and what it will bring. Just maybe the OVO Fest will finally come to Chicago, who knows? Maybe, just maybe he’ll choose to have a two-day concert and sell out Soldier Field like Taylor Swift. Let us know your thoughts on Summer Sixteen and what it means to you. Are you a fan of the Drake or Meek? Would you say the “beef” is over or do you think they’re dragging it out for publicity? Let us know!