Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Review By: Tikia Travis | @___tkia

*Warning, this will contain spoilers! Read at your own risk!

All the rave for the past few months, weeks, better yet, days have been about this box office topper, Batman V. Superman. Of course many people have been divided on which side to pick, but ultimately many fans alleged that Batman (Bat of Gotham) would over power Superman (Son of Krypton/Man of Steel). For the past few years Marvel Comics has taken over the big screens and had many of their primary characters emerge in solo movies and collab movies. It’s only right that DC Universe has finally decided to partner with Time Warner and begin setting up for the upcoming Justice League movies and other DC Universe characters’ movies.


Many big named actors were in this movie. Ben Affleck portrayed Batman (for the first time ever!), Henry Cavil portrayed Superman once more continuing from his first debut movie, Man of Steel (2013), Gal Gadot (who you may remember from her roles in the Fast and Furious Series) portrayed Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg portrayed Lex Luther (which suits him well) followed by many other actors who reprised their roles from Man of Steel. Most of the newer roles were cast for characters who would be seen in the Justice League Movie coming in 2017. Each actor portrayed his/her character to the best of their abilities and did so successfully.


The only problem with the movie was the plot. For the movie to be two and half hours long, the plot was not flushed out enough and seemed rushed. The directors and writers intricately placed details in the movie to keep the audience engaged, but there was something missing. Batman was somewhat naïve in this film. He was easily swayed into battling Superman because of the logic games being played on him by Lex Luther. Instead of being the suspicious man Bruce Wayne (Batman’s real name) is known to be, he overlooked the clues right in front of his face and bases all of his actions off of emotion. Lex Luther convinced him (subliminally) that Superman was a problem and needed to be controlled, instead of a free-will superhero. Even in his battle against Superman, he decides not to kill him because their mother’s share the same name. 

The emotions in the scene shifted too quickly between them. Suddenly, Batman was his ally and all was forgiven? No way! Batman would have at least put aside his differences to help Superman save his mother. Superman, on the other hand, receives mixed emotions from people in the movie throughout the entire movie. He is hailed a hero for saving Metropolis from General Zod just a year earlier, which caused all the chaos and destruction of the city. Many people viewed him as evil and believed he would eventually turn on the world. Superman went throughout the entire movie remaining a helping hand and “good” superhero, but he was so blinded by trying to be liked and appreciated by everyone that he failed to realize he wasn’t as tactical or logical as he could have been to save people’s lives, or even win against Batman in the end.


Lex Luther’s character created a majority of the plot holes. Why does he want Superman dead? Why use Bruce Wayne’s emotions to start a battle between the two? Why did he create Doomsday? Why did he have a secret file on all members of the Justice League? When Bruce found the file with all of the other meta humans, he wasn’t suspicious about it, but by the end of the movie, he wanted to form the Justice League … why? These are questions that go unanswered even at the conclusion of the movie. 

There’s a chance these questions will be answered in the next DC movie … hopefully. Wonder Woman also made three early appearances in the movie, but why? Wonder Woman (the movie) is set to release in 2017. It’s understandable to bring her character into the movie now to prepare fans for her upcoming movie. Though, I wonder why her character wasn’t introduced towards the battle between Superman and Doomsday? Don’t get me wrong, her character was relevant and very helpful in Doomsday’s destruction, but her introduction could have been ironed out a bit. The fact she was in hiding for years and decides to come out of hiding to retrieve the file Lex Luthor had raises opinions of how she could have better been introduced.


The movie was created with great intentions to set-up the DC Franchise to begin taking over movie theaters for the next few years, but with all the plot holes, and just these few spoilers I mentioned, this movie needed more to push it to a higher level of success. The movie will definitely keep you engaged and provides great action scenes, but if those questions I mentioned above were answered, it would have made the movie amazing. Hopefully, when Justice League: Part One is released in 2017, there will be less plot holes and more answered questions. The actors and actresses in the film were impeccable and fulfilled their roles well. The way their roles coincided was the biggest problem. Be sure to go check out Batman V. Superman in theaters and draw your own conclusions.