Prince’s Guitar Gently Weeps As Madonna’s Tribute Has Mixed Reviews

The late and great Prince cried purple tears as Madonna showcasedher tribute performance at Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. While the stage was dressed beautifully to set the tone to honor the music sensation’s life, the performance didn’t match in comparison. There were some who thought the performance was okay:


But most of Twitter blew up with disappointment:


Quest Love came to Madonna’s rescue over twitter that night saying, “So I know there is gonna be A LOT of 'feel a certain ways' about who you want to see do his music justice – but you gotta put that aside y'all," he continued. "Every Prince rendition will not be a life changing orgasmic xperience. Just to SING his work is brave enough...But the point is let's not get ugly with playing the 'Prince would and wouldn't approve' game."

Many can pay tribute to the music icon, but one thing is for certain – there will only be one Prince and he set the bar pretty high.

Source: , Page 6