Joakim Noah to leave Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls are a team surrounded by compounding disappointment. In fact, fans

of the storied franchise can’t find many reasons to cheer for the legendary organization that once

featured game changers such as Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman among


With the unceremonious exit of former head coach Tom Thibodeau, most fans already

predicted the gradual decline in the team standings. With Thibodeau leading the Bulls, they

continued to comfortably land a spot in the playoffs. As Fred Hoiberg settled in however, it

seems that the team is becoming more and more unsettled. With the recurring Rose v. Butler

episode barely behind us, and Butler himself having his own problems, it seems as though the

troubles for the franchise are not over. Not to mention that Rose seems to be a shadow of his

former self. The team is in disarray.

Recently, the rumors have arisen that center Joakim Noah is considering leaving the

franchise. With the arrival of Fred Hoiberg and a string of nagging injuries, the once talismanic

center has seen his minutes take a sharp dip. Once a starter, Noah has put in the reserves. With

the position change, his numbers have suffered and made fans wonder if his best years are

behind him.

Coming off one the worst seasons he has ever had (4.3 PPG and 8.8 RPG), it’s really no

wonder that Noah was replaced as a starter. Though many believe that his replacement caused a

deterioration in his relationship with Hoiberg, a rumor has surfaced that the players have instead

lost faith in GM Gar Forman (BleacherReport).

With the offseason already in progress for the Bulls, it is clear that there need to be some

changes in the organization. The team has a long road before reaching the playoffs again but in

time the fans will have something to cheer for. We just have to wait.