Run’s House Is About to get A Little Bigger

Angela Simmons is making her own name in world other than just being known as Rev Run’s daughter, she’s a model and fashion designer. She was one of the main subjects in Yo Gotti’s song “Down in the DM” as he broadcasted his crush on her in the song.

“I got a crush on Angela, Simmons...”

Angela and Yo Gotti had sparked rumors they were dating after the song came out along with him sending her flowers after her clothing line debut. However, Angela denied any allegations going on romantically with Yo Gotti in a January interview with Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club”. After shutting down the rumors she left people wondering what’s going on in the life of Angela Simmons?

A couple of mystery-man “MCE” posts aka “Man Crush Everyday” posts on her Instagram this past year sparked interest in fans since it wasn’t Yo Gotti and you couldn’t see the mystery man’s face. Yo Gotti is far from the first rapper to be attracted to Angela Simmons. Also, Angela was one of the few celebrities that vowed to be a virgin till marriage on a past interview. She talked about her vow and how it’s better to have the relationship without sex, as it helps you get to know the person better. Well, anyone with a crush on her or anyone who heard her interview about abstinence probably won’t be happy to hear of her surprise announcement of the little bundle of joy expected this year. She announced her pregnancy four days ago on Instagram, flexing her belly.

Her announcement invited much criticism across social media. Plenty of fans seemed to upset, believing she lied about what she said and how it’s unethical. Many are demanding an apology for the girls who look up to her. The frustration rises from her about preaching one thing to young women and then doing another. While most fans are unsure of initial intention, this announcement has caused a lot of buzz in the media industry.

The “we” in the post is unclear seeing as she is extremely private about her love life despite alleged Yo Gotti rumors. Turns out Angela Simmons got engaged back in April which was broadcasted on Instagram as well, and now we know why there was this sudden engagement    . The identity of the fiancé hasn’t been publicly revealed, but the announcement sheds some light on Angela’s actions this past year. Congratulations Angela!