Beyoncé gives a Chicago cook free tickets after he cooks dinner

Beyoncé stirred the city with her two day performances in Chicago this past weekend. She literally “Stopped the World,” like she sings in one of her famous songs “Feeling Myself.” One of the many amazing songs she performed in her concert. Chicago traffic was literally stopped on Columbus surrounding Soldier Field as her fans paraded the streets after her spectacular show.

Beyoncé has always been great to her fans and audience. She performed in the storming rain for her Chicago audience without a fuss or slip of the foot. Beyoncé had two sold out shows because of the loyal fan base she has from being such a great artist. Soldier Field was where you wanted to be this weekend.

After her Friday performance, if you were a chef, you would want to be working as a chef at Wicker Park’s Buck’s. Beyoncé’s representatives chose Buck’s to eat after her exhilarating performance. She turned heads attending the Division Street restaurant with Jay Z, Michelle Williams, and her entourage.

The chef had to be doing something right as she stayed at the restaurant hours after it closed. But the crew didn’t leave empty handed. Beyoncé’s generously gave out tickets to the chef of the restaurant, and they weren’t any nose bleeders. The tickets were 4th row seats!

Chef Bernard Bennet felt more than lucky to be serving them and also admitted to being seriously nervous. Beyoncé and her company seemed to enjoy their meal seeing as he received the tickets after. They had fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, dish of eggs, smoked salmon and Creole mustard. Beyoncé rocked the restaurant just like she rocked her show. The Queen is always welcome in Chicago!