Houston Shooter identified as Army Veteran

On Sunday, a quiet neighborhood in Houston was jolted awake as a gunman fired 212 rounds in the streets. He was eventually brought down by a SWAT officer who shot him dead. It was determined that the shooter, 25 year-old Dionisio Garza III was an army veteran who had served in Afghanistan. Officials confirmed that he was suffering from depression.

Garza had left San Bernardino County in California for Texas last week to meet some friends. The trip took a far darker turn when Garza fired 212 rounds that left one person dead and six wounded, including two police officers. It was determined that Garza went “off the radar” from friends and family after arriving in Texas. He broke into a tire shop and eventually he encountered 56- year old customer, Eugene Linsomb.

He ended up fatally wounding Linsomb and grabbing the AR-15 and began shooting passing cars as well as police officers that went past. Another man, John Wilson, was thought to have been a possible accomplice but it was later determined that he was trying to stop Garza himself. Wilson was shot in the leg but survived.

“What he did was very brave,” said Houston Police Chief, Martha Montalvo, “but officers are trained in these active shooter situations…” (NBC)


After two tours in Afghanistan, family members realized that Dionisio was no longer the same man. They knew he was suffering from PTSD. Relatives, including the parents, Dionisio(father) and Michelle Garza expressed regret towards the actions of their son.

“I’m sorry for what happened. I’m sorry for the families,” said Michelle Garza. “Words are just words; I wish there was more we could do.”