Orlando Massacre: killing spree that took 50 innocent lives

Yesterday June 12th, a tragedy plagued the nation at an Orlando gay nightclub. The suspect shot numerous people leaving almost 50 people dead and wounded about 53 other innocent people. News outlets are calling this the “worst mass shooting in US history”.

    Earlier this morning, According to CNN and NBC News, law enforcement have confirmed that 29-year old Omar Mateen, the suspect, pledged to ISIS during the negotiation.

    This Orlando Massacre has shaken the nation in a tremendous way. Countless numbers of celebrities have commented and sent their condolences to the families and friends of the victims who have been involved. Twitter users across the globe have partaken in the #OrlandoUnited to not only bring awareness to the severity of the situation but to show unity against gun violence.

   Earlier today, the gunmans father, Seddique Mir Mateen, posted a video on Facebook acknowledging the severe acts of violence that his son committed. Mr. Mateen expressed his despair about his son’s decision to carry out such a devious ordeal in a Facebook video. Later this afternoon, NBS News interviewed Mr. Mateen in which he states, “I am as shocked as you are, I do not approve this… I wish I had known he had purchased those weapons. If I did, this would not have happened.”

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed on social media that this Afghani, politically-active man proudly supports the Taliban and openly rejected homosexuality. He wrote on Facebook prior to the shootings, “ The punishment for homosexuality is upon God and he will decide on them not humans.” He later confirms that “this has nothing to do religion”, but it is ironic that both of them openly express their hatred of homosexuals.

    Many with direct connection to victims of the shooting have been and will be emotionally damaged. According to news.com.au, one of the victims sheds tears for his boyfriend who was shot in the back in an attempt to protect his boyfriend from the shooters rapid gun blaze.

    Another victim went out that night to enjoy his Saturday night, and his mother made his some dip because she wanted to ensure that he would be fed after he came home from an exhausting, fun-filled night; unfortunately, Stanley Almodovar never came home.

People like Edward Sotomayor Jr. and Stanley Almodovar Jr. among many other victims were considered to be uplifting spirits and sweet souls, and unfortunately, people won’t get a chance to experience the glow that many of them provided.  Members of the LGBTQ community have paid tribute on social media and will do so tonight at the candle light vigils in numerous cities across America.

There have even been long lines of people willing to donate blood in a motion to honor the blood shed during this outrageous massacre and by gun violence and to honor LGBT month as a whole.

Stay tuned for local updates on where the vigils will be near you. Pray for the families and friends of these victims, and raise up against the prevailing gun violence that have been taking young lives far too soon.