Another Shooting in Chicago and How Social Media Can Help

Social Media has its positives and negatives. In this case, it provided police an opportunity to log what was happening and who saw it.

One of the top local media outlets, Facebook, specifically prohibits videos and pictures that convey acts of violence. In this case, however, Facebook has kept the live video streaming of shooting up to spread awareness.

28-year old Antonio Perkins was walking down the street at 8:45 with a friend, and was recording it live on the new streaming feature that Facebook offers. The gun shot rang in the video, and witnesses yelled for help. 

He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 9:07 PM that night.

According to Inside Edition, investigators suspect it was a gang-related shooting since a source released to the press that Perkins was in fact gang affiliated. However, the source also discloses that Perkins was trying to be a better man and wanted to leave that lifestyle in the past.

While it is unfortunate for another life to have been lost to gun violence, social media can help not only bring awareness to the gun violence and gang-related violence. 

This live footage has become an essential piece to the investigation. Not only has it become essential for law enforcement, it can and will be extra fuel for activists, Chicago politicians, and other advocates for change to show why we need to come together as a community to combat the uprising violence. 

What we can do as a society is to not wait for others to preach to us about what we see and hear about everyday. Instead, we need to promote anti-gun violence on social media, educate one another on how to stay safe, and come together to commemorate innocent lives lost and prevent new ones.

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