Malia becomes the newest intern for the US Embassy in Spain

The First Family’s little girl has grown up. Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of the first family, has landed a position as the intern for the US Embassy in Spain.

Malia Obama just graduated high school and has landed his position that college graduates compete for. The burning question that many are wondering is how did she get the internship?

According to Vibe Magazine, Malia acted as the president’s translator when he visited Cuba. Her proficiency in Spanish shows her skill and her work ethic, that the embassy very well could have realized early on.

President Obama had great relationships with the U.S ambassador, James Costos. Fox News reveals that Costos was on of Obama’s primary donors for his reelection campaign 4 years ago.

Conveniently,  Obama’s visit to Spain and her internship could very well start at the same time. He plans on meeting with the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, so during his visit, Malia can assist as well as begin here journey into adulthood.

What matters even more than how she got the internship is that she has started her furlough year correctly and with a bang.

It’s unfortunate that the media is focusing on whether or not her father got here the job rather than focusing on the fact that a young woman is making positive moves on the path to success.

Be proud of what she’s doing. Be motivated to rise above and take the necessary steps for an even brighter future.

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