Chicago police releases shooting video of 18 year old Paul O'Neal

Chicago Police Department released videos Friday showing the July 28 officer-involved shooting incident of 18-year-old Paul O'Neal. Officers are heard cursing at O'Neal, whose arms appear limp as they put him in handcuffs. The fatal shooting is not captured in the videos, but the shots can be heard.

The footage "as shocking and disturbing as it is, is not the only evidence to be gathered and analyzed when conducting a fair and thorough assessment of the conduct of police officers in performing their duties," said Fairley, chief administrator of Chicago's Independent Police Review Authority.

The video clearly shows officers firing down the street at the car as it speeds away. The city’s use of force policy explicitly bars police from shooting into a car when the vehicle represents the only danger.

Under Fairley, who was appointed in the wake of the McDonald video's release, IPRA has ruled more police shootings unjustified in the past two months than it had in the prior nine years.

Two of the shootings IPRA recently ruled unjustified involved officers shooting at vehicles, as they appear to have done in O'Neal's case. In both of the shootings ruled unjustified, IPRA determined the officers faced no serious danger when they fired.

  Police handcuffing a bleeding O’Neal after he was shot.

 Police handcuffing a bleeding O’Neal after he was shot.

The department revised its deadly force rules in February 2015 to ban firing into a vehicle when the automobile is the only force used against an officer or bystander.