Chicago announces all Patrol Officers will wear body cameras by 2018

After a series of Police related incidents including Police involved shootings in Chicago and around the Country, the city is looking to ensure that every police officer on duty will be equipped with a body camera by 2018. 

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said in a statement released Saturday that " Body-worn cameras provide a rare glimpse into the dangerous situations Chicago Police Officers face every day in an effort to keep our communities safe. After the shooting death of Paul O'neil in August in which police were responding to reports of a stolen car. Body cameras were worn capturing the events leading up to the shooting, however, Johnson asserts that the use of body cameras will aid in better training and community efforts in all areas of the city. 

The department originally launched the pilot program as a test in some of the cities most crime ridden neighborhoods in 2015 that later expand to four more districts. "This expansion is a win-win for the public and for officers,"Johnson said.

The department has gone through several changes over the years and by 2018 investments in technology will made to accommodate monitoring police activity. 

Tax payers won't have to foot the bill because the cost is said to be about $8 million dollars coming from the CPD's operating budget and from grants.