Drake’s OVO brand took to Instagram to announce that they will be opening a store in Chicago this weekend. The OVO Chicago store will opened Saturday, August 10 and it featured merchandised with the traditional OVOOG owl.

Owners of October’s Very Own, or OVO, include Aubrey Drake Graham, the rapper known simply as Drake; the musician’s manager and business partner, Oliver El-Khatib; and producer Noah James “40” Shebib.

OVO has two stores in Toronto, where Drake is from. Other stores are in London, New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

OVO Chicago Location
9 W Walton St.
Chicago, IL 60610

A big question some people are asking how did Drake get a store in Chicago before Kanye?

THE WORD | Is Drake The G.O.A.T ?

Drake Ties The Beatles for Second-Most Top 10s,  in the Billboard Hot100with Chris Brown’s track "No Guidance" debuting at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100. Drake is getting closer to proving that his claim of having "more slaps than The Beatles" is actually true.


 "No Guidance" becomes Drake's 34th top 10 song on the Hot 100, tying him for the second-most ever with The Beatles. What makes this all so interesting, he accomplished all this in a time span less then a decade.


 "No Guidance" is Drake's 194th entry to the Hot 100 thus far. His first Top 10 hit on the chart was his breakthrough single "Best I Ever Had." Seems like drake is on a winning spree.

Congratulations to Drake for another win on the charts. But with this all being said does this make Drake the GOAT?

THE WORD | Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" Breaks Drake's 1-Week Streaming Record

Lil Nas X's country trap track recently received some new flourishes from Billy Ray Cyrus and, as confirmed Monday by Billboard, has now broken Drake's record on Billboard's U.S. Streaming Songs chart. The biggest haul on that chart was previously held by Drake's "In My Feelings," which tallied up 116.2 million streams in one week and now moves to No. 2 on the all-time ranking of single week streaming totals

THE WORD | Toronto Rapters Rename Practice Facility After Drake’s OVO Brand

Toronto native Drake continued to show love for his hometown on Wednesday night as the Raptors' training facility was renamed after his record label OVO. What was formerly the BioSteel Centre in Toronto is now named the OVO Athletics Training Centre. Drake reportedly has a key to Toronto's practice facility, and he has a stall in the Raptors' locker room at Scotiabank Arena.

THE WORD | Drake’s So Far Gone: Now available on all streaming services

Drake’s 2009 mixtape so far gone, is now available on all streaming services in honor of it’s 10 year anniversary. The Grammy award-winning artist released the project on February 13, 2009 shortly before his debut to mainstream. The tape consisted of classics like “Brand New”, “Ignorant Sh*t” featuring Lil Wayne, and “Lust For Life” 

Although the mixtape was very popular and well received from both the public and industry at the time of its release the mixtape couldn’t be added to streaming services until now due to the use of multiple sampled tracks. 

"More Life" gives Drake a well deserved break.

Credit: @AppleMusic

Credit: @AppleMusic

Our weekend in music was given life with Drake's release of playlist "More Life." A compilation of various genres of rap and pop mixed into one extraordinary track list which features, Young Thug, Lil' Wayne, Quavo, PartyNextDoor, and more. 

The project- assumed to originally be released in December 2016- a 22 track collection of the Toronto raised artist in rarest form. It is one of the most international music based playlist released by a rapper in history. Vibes ranging from West Indies in his own Caribbean flare, a touch of UK, Giggs in No long Talk features, all mixed with Drake originality and the rap honoring trap wave, More Life is a diverse album contrasive to that of the old Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson crossovers. The most distinctive of each song is Drake's story and lyrical context in finding love, exonerating trust, and keeping his top spot in the music game. 

The drop of More Life led Drizzy ordained as the only artist with over 10 billion Spotify streams. A great notion given the praise from fans on social media.

The artist to succeed many evolutions in hip hop and pop genres, Drake has taken many tracks in More Life to deliver his feelings to his audience as truthful as over the past few years. Lyrically, we can tell Drake still deems no one trustworthy, has feelings for past exes, and wants to be the best to ever do it without bringing others down. He takes shots at Meek Mill going ghost in Free Smoke, "How you let the kid fightin' ghostwritin' rumors turn you to a ghost? Oh, you niggas got jokes." and what appears to be a Nicki Minaj reference in Ice Melts," Look, I want you to myself But I know you just left someone elseI know you did, he did a number on you.That must be why you move so icy." 

Drake is definitely an artist of his own genre as he has been for years reconciling from hip hop, a smooth R&B, and afro beats style, as he proclaims he can't be stopped, given last year's beef  with numerous artists from Pusha T, Kid Cudi, and of course Meek Mill. His views on the industry has become more hostile, not violent but defensive- understandable when you have a top spot you must defend the throne to carry a crown. The good thing Drake expresses in More Life, the industry won't tear him down, brought by Mama Graham in Can't have Everything as a voicemail recording inspiring him to aim high- referencing a famous Michelle Obama quote plays in closing "When others go low, We go high."

"You know, hon, I'm a bit concerned about this negative tone that I'm hearing in your voice these days. And I can appreciate where your uncertainty stems from, and you have reason to question your anxieties and how disillusioned you feel as well, feeling skeptical about who you believe you can trust. But that attitude will just hold you back in this life."- Sandi Graham

She assures her son of his inspiration to the world and how much she believes in the greatness that is Drake. This message could symbolize a new beginning for Drake, an ending of a chapter that started on top and ending in the same position with less associates, mature meanings, more enemies, and a head full of thoughts only to be released through his music for clarity. The Views author ended his "playlist" announcing his break away from the music world, no it's not the end for Drake, time off to get back to his old self may be just what the doctor ordered.

 “Take the summer off ’cause they tell me I need recovery. Maybe getting back to my regular life will humble me. I’ll be back 2018 and get you the summary.” 

Drake Disses Kid Cudi and twitter erupts

Kid Cudi (Photo by Josh Brasted/FilmMagic); Drake (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Kid Cudi (Photo by Josh Brasted/FilmMagic); Drake (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Drake's got the streets buzzing about his new songs released Monday off his upcoming playlist More Life set for release in December, but the talk was turned into disgust as one song took aim at another Rappers health.

One of the songs, Two Birds, One Stone was aimed at Kid Cudiand the lines aimed at the latter have stirred more controversy.  

This summer while Drake was on his summer sixteen tour, Kid Cudi went on a twitter rant calling out him and Kanye West for not showing him love and even accused them of using ghost writers to write their materiel. Kanye made amends, but Drake had other plans. 

Drake decided to poke fun at Cudi's mental illness crisis in the song by saying, “You were the Man on the Moon, now you go through your phases/Life of the angry and famous."

It's not clear whether or not Kid Cudi has heard the record, as he publicly and voluntarily checked himself into rehab for mental health issues, but fans dragged Kid Cudi in his defense for taking a jab at mental health issues. 

Drake Sets Record with 13 2016 American Music Awards Nominations

Drake broke a 32-year record for the most American Music Awards nominations with 13 nods, beating Michael Jackson's previous high mark of 11 from 1984. The Canadian rapper leads all 2016 American Music Awards nominees with nods in categories including Artist of the Year, Favorite Male Artist, Favorite Album, Favorite Rap Artist, Favorite Rap Song and Favorite R&B song, among others. If he wins in any of the categories it will make his first AMA win. the show that will be broadcast live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Nov. 20 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


"Views" lands Drake as The First Artist to Have a Over a Billion Streams on Apple.

The "View" is looking good from our end for the "October's Very Own" Drake these days.

After the successful release of his April 2016 album Views, which garnered over 250 million streams on Apple and it's rival Spotify combined, has surpassed a record breaking 1 billion streams on Apple music which makes him the first artist ever in history to reach that milestone. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, presented the Toronto rapper with an honorary plaque on Saturday to commemorate his achievement. 

🍏🍎 Thank you to everyone. OVO Sound to the 🌎 @applemusic

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

A successful tour, a platinum selling album certified by the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the baddest female in the game, Rihanna at his side he is definitely at the top of his game. 

Meanwhile, Drake is not stopping there on Sunday night the rapper released a twenty three minute short film titled "Please Forgive Me" released exclusively on Apple inspired by his platinum selling album which was recently certified by the RIAA. What's next for the rapper? Reportedly he is in talks to partner with Apple to laugh OVO Music Radio which is expected to Launch in 2017. 

Drake and Summer Sixteen By Tikia Travis | @___tkia

Drake and Summer Sixteen By Tikia Travis | @___tkia

Drake (aka Drizzy aka 6 God) recently released Summer Sixteen which many believe he released to reignite his fall 2015 feud with Meek. Many Drake fans keep up with his day-to-day behavior by following him on Instagram and Twitter. From what I can tell about him, he’s a businessman, somewhat introversial with people who aren’t in his “inner circle”, and a perfectionist.