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THE WORD| Gunman Opens Fire at Tee Grizzley in Detroit, Killing Tee’s Aunt/Manager Jobina Brown

Grizzley was reportedly involved in a Detroit shooting that left his aunt/manager, Jobina "JB" Brown, dead.


Law enforcement indicated that the incident occurred Tuesday night as the rapper got out of the passenger side of his Cadillac Escalade. 


It has been noted that the gunman approached the vehicle on foot and opened fire, hitting Brown on her left side as she sat in the backseat. The 41-year-old was pronounced dead shortly after she was rushed to the hospital.



Grizzley nor the driver were wounded during the shooting as officials mention. At this time, it's unclear if the rapper was the target. 


Our thoughts & prayers go out to Grizzley and his family.


Rapper 21 Savage (real name She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph) was arrested by ICE on Super Bowl Sunday, during the arrest it was discovered that the rapper was not a United States legal citizen. His visa expired when he was 7 years ago . After 21 Savage was released on bond from ICE detention centers , he sat down for his first interview. During a brief conversation on Good Morning America, Savage admitted that he felt his arrest “was definitely targeted.”

“I don’t think the policy is broken. I feel like the way that they enforce the policy is broken,” Abraham-Joseph said.

He described what he witnessed during the arrest. “I was just driving and I just seen guns and blue lights. And then I was in the back of a car and I was gone.” According to Abraham-Joseph, the authorities didn’t reveal why he was being apprehended, “They didn’t say nothing. They just said, ‘We got Savage.'”


Lil Durk has finally been reunited with his father, who he calls Big Durk. Earlier this week (Feb. 12), the Chicago rapper tweeted that his pops Dontay Banks has been released from prison after he served nearly 25 years behind bars for selling crack-cocaine in Chicago back in the early 1990s.

Banks reportedly had up to $8 million dollars in his possession at the time of his arrest, and that money was seized from him and his associates by the FBI. In July 1994, The Chicago Tribune reported that Banks had been sentenced to life in prison. Banks served 22 years before he won his appeal. 

Durk kept his announcement about his father's release short and sweet, tweeting, "Big durk home !!!!💙"


Most may know that Dame Dash , co-founder of Roc-A-Fella, and Jay-Z were business partners and really good friends. But what most people are unclear of, is how the two friends became foes. 

Well, after 15 years , Dame Dash decided to apologize to the rap mogul. Dame Dash also apologizes to Jim Jones and Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke. 

THE WORD | Juice WRLD Announces Title & Release Date For New Album

Juice WRLD takes the crown for the biggest breakout year in 2018. The rapper already built a strong buzz on Soundcloud but after signing to Interscope records, he took over the rap game. "Lucid Dreams" was an inescapable hit, as was "All Girls Are The Same." Now, the rapper is gearing up to release his new project. He took to Twitter to announce the title and release date for the project.

A Deathrace For Love is Juice WRLD's official solo follow-up to Goodbye & Good Riddance, his major label debut. In 2018, he also teamed up with Future for their joint effort, WRLD On Drugs. The new project is set to drop in the middle of his tour with Nicki Minaj and Lil Xan. 

"More Life" gives Drake a well deserved break.

Credit: @AppleMusic

Credit: @AppleMusic

Our weekend in music was given life with Drake's release of playlist "More Life." A compilation of various genres of rap and pop mixed into one extraordinary track list which features, Young Thug, Lil' Wayne, Quavo, PartyNextDoor, and more. 

The project- assumed to originally be released in December 2016- a 22 track collection of the Toronto raised artist in rarest form. It is one of the most international music based playlist released by a rapper in history. Vibes ranging from West Indies in his own Caribbean flare, a touch of UK, Giggs in No long Talk features, all mixed with Drake originality and the rap honoring trap wave, More Life is a diverse album contrasive to that of the old Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson crossovers. The most distinctive of each song is Drake's story and lyrical context in finding love, exonerating trust, and keeping his top spot in the music game. 

The drop of More Life led Drizzy ordained as the only artist with over 10 billion Spotify streams. A great notion given the praise from fans on social media.

The artist to succeed many evolutions in hip hop and pop genres, Drake has taken many tracks in More Life to deliver his feelings to his audience as truthful as over the past few years. Lyrically, we can tell Drake still deems no one trustworthy, has feelings for past exes, and wants to be the best to ever do it without bringing others down. He takes shots at Meek Mill going ghost in Free Smoke, "How you let the kid fightin' ghostwritin' rumors turn you to a ghost? Oh, you niggas got jokes." and what appears to be a Nicki Minaj reference in Ice Melts," Look, I want you to myself But I know you just left someone elseI know you did, he did a number on you.That must be why you move so icy." 

Drake is definitely an artist of his own genre as he has been for years reconciling from hip hop, a smooth R&B, and afro beats style, as he proclaims he can't be stopped, given last year's beef  with numerous artists from Pusha T, Kid Cudi, and of course Meek Mill. His views on the industry has become more hostile, not violent but defensive- understandable when you have a top spot you must defend the throne to carry a crown. The good thing Drake expresses in More Life, the industry won't tear him down, brought by Mama Graham in Can't have Everything as a voicemail recording inspiring him to aim high- referencing a famous Michelle Obama quote plays in closing "When others go low, We go high."

"You know, hon, I'm a bit concerned about this negative tone that I'm hearing in your voice these days. And I can appreciate where your uncertainty stems from, and you have reason to question your anxieties and how disillusioned you feel as well, feeling skeptical about who you believe you can trust. But that attitude will just hold you back in this life."- Sandi Graham

She assures her son of his inspiration to the world and how much she believes in the greatness that is Drake. This message could symbolize a new beginning for Drake, an ending of a chapter that started on top and ending in the same position with less associates, mature meanings, more enemies, and a head full of thoughts only to be released through his music for clarity. The Views author ended his "playlist" announcing his break away from the music world, no it's not the end for Drake, time off to get back to his old self may be just what the doctor ordered.

 “Take the summer off ’cause they tell me I need recovery. Maybe getting back to my regular life will humble me. I’ll be back 2018 and get you the summary.” 

Zverse ft Ben One - Love You Anyway | @VersatileFB @OfficialBenone

Zverse delivers a true representation of love in his new "Love You Anyway" video featuring Ben One. Through the visuals, he captures the story of a young mother who overcame an abusive relationship, and the struggles she faced searching for love in the wrong places. Verse also takes to the streets to display the story of some men, who led the gang life and the devastation of life's consequences. He assures everyone that no matter what life throws your way in any shape or form, you will surely be loved unconditionally.


Social Media: @VersatileFB @OfficialBenone

Who Is Shi Charming? By: Kia Smith


Imagine leaving everything you've ever known to pursue a dream you've had since a small child? Imagine going to a place where you have no familiar friends, no family, just a dream that you were 100% ready to pursue?

That's exactly what 25-year-old Shiranette “Shi Charming” Scales did when she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Social Work in the Fall of 2013 and moved to Los Angeles 3 weeks later.

Growing up on the South side of Chicago where many of her peers have been murdered, engaged in drug addiction, serving prison timeor faced with unwanted pregnancies, Shi used dance as her outlet.

“Dancing was like my safe haven,” she said. “I literally cannot imagine my life without it.”

A dance competition she participated in during her last year of high school at Southern Illinois University encouraged her to begin attending the school later that fall. During her time there, Shi was very involved with dance on campus by being an active member of Fatal Fusion Dance Group. From there, she founded the Saluki Charming Majorette group with two of her Fatal Fusion teammates, an organization that is still active on SIU’s campus to this day.

“It takes a special type of individual to move away from everything they've ever known just to pursue their dreams. Of course I get home sick, but I dance to perform, and perform to entertain,” she said.

Making a name for herself in the city of Los Angeles has not been easy, but it is Shi’s faith and undeniable hustle that has taken her far. Since being in LA, Shi has founded the Los Angeles division of The Charmings, and has even gotten into acting and modeling too.

“I look at things in 4 year increments, like high school” she said.

“The first year you figure out how to execute your plan and you enlighten yourself about your new environment. The second year you follow through with the plan and begin to adapt to said environment. The third year you should have successfully executed the plan. The fourth year you should reach a different level like graduation. That can mean anything from coming up with a new goal or expounding on the goal you've already achieved.”

Within the last couple years, Shi has choreographed andappeared in countless dance reels, in music videos with artists such as T-Pain, Travis Scott, and Rae Sremmurd and is even appearing in four major films as well as a television series “Confession of a Hollywood Bartender” which happens to air on her 26th birthday which is February 10th.

If that's not enough, Shi also has a dance tour scheduled for Spring 2016 where she will visit inner city youth in Chicago, Atlanta and New York to teach choreography and give inspirational speeches.

“Majority of the youth have no positive guidance, I would like to be that to them.”

“Listen, I know the power of dance and I know how it can keep people, especially kids out of trouble,” she said. “Dance has helped me throughout my entire life and I want others to experience a positive creative outlet too.”


Shi advises anyone with a dream to just do it.


“I've always had this idea that if you want something in life, you need to go get it. Don't let fear or your friends or family hold you back. Yes you'll get scared, but remember that God doesn't give us talent for no reason” she said.


Want more of Shi Charming?


Check out her work here:


Dlow- Do It Like Me Challenge: http://youtu.be/cqCaqDg3wRw


LA Charmings Dance Video: http://youtu.be/wLdNFLMxTPk


Aaliyah Tribute: Tink Million Dance Cover: http://youtu.be/y6IUoWc2JB4


Future – Where Ya At Dance Cover: http://youtu.be/yjdjXOjRMy8


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T-Pain Ft. Juicy J- Make that ish work:  https://youtu.be/wOy2RJze7fA


Travis Scott- Antidote:  https://youtu.be/KnZ8h3MRuYg


And stay tuned to everything else she has in store for 2016.

"Life is A Good Man" by Elite Society


Life of A Good Man talks about how cold the world is and the struggle of grinding and providing. Elite Society approach talks about life and the precious gift of it that so many take for granted yet in the midst of the chaos trying to live out your dream. The obvious concept of balancing street life versus real life and the many routes that so many young men take to get money. It can be death or success.

Life of A Good Man: https://soundcloud.com/elitistmusic/elite-society-life-of-a-good-man

Social Media: Twitter @WerEliteSociety

Z-Verse "Victory" dir. By @Mp_Darkmirror @VersatileFB #TheAntidote

Back for the first time Z-Verse (formerly known as Versatile) debuts new video for his single Victory. Directed by MP_DarkMirror, Victory video shows a unique insight to how the city reacts to positive affirmation. Z-Verse cruises through the city of Chicago, depicting many faces of what victory means to the city with signs encouraging fans saying "Don't Forget to Smile" and "Say GoodBye to the Bad times." The melodic declaration of positivity is displayed throughout the visual, making it a win win from the start of the video to finish.