THE WORD | Roc Nation, NFL to Donate $400,000 to Chicago Charities

The NFL and Roc Nation will donate $400,000 to the Better Boys Foundation Family Services and Crusher's Club. Accordingly to TMZ the two organizations were hand picked by JAY-Z's Roc Nation. Meek Mill and Megan Trainor will visit Crusher's Club, whose mission is to help Chicago youth “restore their lives and improve their neighborhoods.” Appearance from Rapsody and Vic Mensa as well.

The Chicago organizations will set the blueprint for how Roc Nation, the NFL, and the Players Coalition aim to Inspire Change across each NFL city.

A free concert is taking place today , September 5th in the city’s Grant Park that will feature Meek Mill, Meghan Trainor and Rapsody; it is the first in the “Songs of the Season” concert series that was announced last month at a press conference held by Jay-Z and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announcing the partnership.

According to the source said that this event will be the first in a planned Inspire Change series that will make similar donations in each NFL city. Songs of the Season is a season-long initiative in which selected musicians will create and deliver a song to be integrated in all NFL promotions each month. The songs will debut during an in-game broadcast and will be simultaneously released to all digital streaming platforms worldwide. All proceeds from the songs will go toward Inspire Change.

Check out some pictures and dope moments of Meek Mill and Rapsody Performing at the NFL kick off in grant park.

THE WORD | Bryan Michael Cox Claims Jay-Z Told Jermaine Dupri to Turn Down a Similar NFL Deal


Hip Hop Icon Jay-Z has been all over the news recently after holding a press conference with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announcing a multi-year partnership with the professional sports league, in which the 49-year-old rapper will consult on the halftime show and work with the league’s activism campaign, Inspire Change.
The controversy around the business move is not only centered around the NFL’s problematic relationship with its players of color, but also JAY Z’s own public statements damning the organization, even declining an invite to perform at the Super Bowl. 

“I said no to the Superbowl, you need me, I don't need you
Every night we in the endzone, tell the NFL we in stadiums too” Jayz. The Carters APESHIT

Shortly after the news initially broke, Grammy award-winning songwriter/producer Bryan Michael Cox – credited with some of the biggest R&B hits of the last 20 years (Mariah Carey, Usher, Mary J. Blige) revealed that his longtime friend and fellow Urban hitmaker Jermaine Dupri was offered a deal similar to Hov’s by the NFL a year ago.

Cox says Jay personally contacted JD and told him to decline the very deal (to co-produce the Super Bowl) he’s now signed.  View Cox’s remarks below and let us know what you think.


THE WORD | New York Giants Draft Pick Corey Ballentine injured as friend shot dead

Reported by People, Corey Ballentine, a sixth-round draft pick to the New York Giants was reportedly injured in a shooting in Topeka, Kansas yesterday morning (April 28). His college teammate at Washburn University, Dwane Simmons, was unfortunately killed.


The shooting occurred hours after the Washburn University senior was selected in the NFL Draft on Saturday (April 27). The Topeka Police Department said their officers responded to a "disturbance with gunshots" at an off-campus location around midnight on Sunday. Upon arrival, they discovered Simmons dead. Ballentine was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

"we are aware of the tragic situation and continue to gather information. We have spoken to Corey, and he is recovering in the hospital. Our thoughts are with Dwane Simmons’ family, friends and teammates and the rest of the Washburn community." The Giants responded statement

Ballentine was the seventh pick of the sixth round, and the 180th overall. He was also the first player out of Washburn to be drafted since Cary Williams went to the Tennessee Titans in 2008.


Former NFL MVP, Cam Newton, recently sat down with James Corden on The Late Late Show to share his new journey. According to the Carolina Panthers quarterback, he has chosen to commit to no sex for the entire month of March. Newton goes on to say he has given up something every month since the beginning of the year. For instance, in January it was gambling and in February, it was meat. The Month of March it was sex and climaxing.

“It makes my mind stronger, said the 3-time pro bowler. “So when the season comes around, I say if I did those things, I’m mentally stronger.”

Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich Says he Agrees with Colin Kaepernick's Protest

Long time head coach Gregg Popovich has never been one to hold back on game plans, certainly when the media is present. However, few discuss serious matters, especially the issue of Colin Kaepernicks protest of the national anthem.

When asked about his views on racial matters faced in today’s current state preferably surrounding the police involved shooting of two black men as it is connected to Colin Kaepernicks protest. He had this to say,  “I absolutely understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, and I respect their courage for what they’ve done. The question is whether it’ll do any good or not, because change really seems to happen through political pressure.”

The Spur coach went on to say he understands the significance of why Kapernick and other players from NFL to NBA players are keeping the conversation going and if dealt with the issue of a protest, he encourages his players do what they feel is important even if it means taking risks “I’m not going to tell anyone ahead of time, if they don’t do A, B and C, they’re going to be gone, or traded.

The Relevancy of Colin Kaepernick Protest

Fifteen African Americans have been subjected to the ongoing violence at the hands of the Police Officers since Colin Kapernick started a historical movement when he began protesting the national anthem by sitting, and then later kneeling in the pre-season.

If you remember during Kaepernick’s decision to boycott the national anthem caused quite the controversy from everyone in Politics, Celebrities and the American people. In a statement Kapernick said “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” As of late, Kapernick had received death threats as well as being voted the worst NFL player along other big names such as Tom Brady. But, If death threats or being voted worst player won’t stop him from spreading the relevancy of the ongoing fight for equality than maybe this past week's police shooting will spark some conversation amongst his critics.

On Monday, everything Kepernick’s stood in solidarity for made headlines once again with the video release of unarmed black man shot and killed by a female police officer.  The video show 40-year-old Terrence Crutcher, like so many other black men, who complied with police officers commands while having his hands while up walking back to his truck, which was disabled in the middle of the road. However, before the release was made many people had questions as to the statement given by the police officers, stating that Crutcher had ignored officers’ warning to raise his hands in which the dash cam video shows otherwise.

According to a recent poll conducted in 2016 close to 800 people have been killed at the hands of Police while only 193 of those people were black and only 15 of them were killed since Kapernick began his protest.

Now, Without a doubt these protests are meant to create a dialogue concerning social injustice. And of course, the issue is bigger than just football, there's a clear divide in this country right now between people who respect his right to protest and people who believe he should stand for the national anthem.

Former Chicago Bears Coach Buddy Ryan Dies 84

On Tuesday, former NFL coach, Buddy Ryan passed away at the ripe old age of 82. Known for building some of football’s top defenses, Ryan passed away in Kentucky on his ranch. The cause of death was not given. The death was confirmed by the Buffalo Bills who employed his twin sons, Rex and Rob Ryan.

    James David Ryan was a Korean War veteran who went to Oklahoma State, then got a master’s degree from Middle Tennessee State even while coaching. His first job in the pros was in New York under Joe Namath. Those Jets led the AFL in defense his first season on staff.

“That’s something my dad was very proud of, “said Rex Ryan. “…If he felt he wasn’t making a difference then his career as a professional coach would have been short.”

Known as the architect of the 46 defense used by the Bears, his notoriety skyrocketed. In fact, in 1984, the Bears got 72 sacks, a record that still is standing. The ’85 Bears capped their Super Bowl title with seven sacks.

“Buddy Ryan was the architect of the greatest defense our league has seen,” said Bears chairman George McCaskey. “He was brilliant when it came to the X’s and O’s of the game but what made him special was his ability to create an unwavering confidence in the players he coached.

Picture from ESPN

Picture from ESPN

Now having suffered from the aftermath of a severe stroke, battling cancer, and confined to a wheelchair, the years finally caught up to Ryan. However, his work in the sport of football is his legacy. His brand of aggressive defense undoubtedly revolutionized the game and for that, he will never be forgotten.

“Buddy was brash, intelligent, and tough. He was a perfect match for our city and team. …He is one of the all-time greats. Our prayers are with his family.”