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President Obama Gives His Farewell Address In Chicago

In front of a crowd thousands at McCormick Place, President Barack Obama gave his final farewell speech. He began by highlighting some of his top accomplishments like successfully finding and killing Osama Bin Laden and providing healthcare to 20 million more Americans who otherwise would have been covered. He says the unemployment level is at the lowest it's been in years but says still some blue collar middle-class workers feel left behind and that the government only helps the powerful. 

One message he spent time on was climate change saying we can't ignore science. Taking a obvious job at President-Elect Donald Trump who once said on Twitter climate change was a hoax spurred up by the Chinese government. Obama says the next generation and the ones after will suffer if immediate action is not taken. 

The crowd was in tears as the outgoing president wrapped up his speech. He acknowledged First Lady Michelle Obama for their 25 years of marriage and for her support along the way. He says she helped a nation get healthier through her Let's Move campaign. He mentioned to his daughters Malia and Sasha that through his hard word as president, the best job he owned was being their father. 

President Obama ended his 8 years in office back home in Illinois, the same state where he announced he was running for president 9 years ago in Springfield. He encouraged everyone to go out and make a difference themselves in their community instead of relying on others. He says if you have a problem with your local lawmakers, grab your clipboard and collect signatures. 

On January 20th at noon, President Obama becomes Barack Obama, everyday citizen, once Trump takes office. To end his speech he said, "Yes we can and yes we can."

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Chicago Prepares Farewell Party For Obama Before Leaving Office

One of the coolest first families to ever grace our presence will make their final exit from the exit in January. But, what better to say goodbye than a celebration right here in Chicago to thank those who’ve supported the Commander in Chief over the last eight years.

According to Politico, Chicago Officials are planning a thank-you to supporters who helped launch his career as a state senator, U.S. senator and President. The event is said to feature a “farewell speech” from Obama, Politico said.

The farewell event will take place Jan. 10 at  The McCormick Center.

President Obama will officially end his presidency on Jan. 20.

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Asks President Obama for Help to Appeal Prison Sentence

On Friday, the ex-governor petitioned President Obama to commute his 14-year sentence. This comes the same week he appealed his sentence once again. 

Over 100 of his fellow inmates wrote letters of recommendation to Blagojevich’s judge telling of his good behavior and leadership skills while behind bars. Blagojevich, 60, is spending his days as a history tutor while serving time on corruption charges. He was found guilty of selling Barack Obama’s Illinois Senate seat once it became vacated in 2008 among other charges, including lying to the FBI.

In August, during a re-sentencing hearing, U.S. District Judge James Zagel refused to lower his sentence saying there was enough evidence of serious wrongdoing and the 14-year sentence does indeed match the crime. Especially since five of his 18 counts were already tossed out on a technicality. His attorneys were asking for nine years off the sentence, which began in 2012.

Seeing how his previous appeals were a no-go, if this request is denied again, it will leave Blagojevich and his team with only one last option: petitioning the United States Supreme Court. It’ll be a Hail Mary move considering this past March, the Supreme Court already agreed with the lower courts’ initial ruling. They said he crossed the line once he considered accepting money in exchange for naming a person to fill the position.

At this rate, Blagojevich will not be released from the low-security, federal Colorado prison until May 2024. In the letters to the judge, the inmates portray the former governor as humble, a natural leader and self-effacing. He’s apparently helping those close to getting out land a job and study for their GED.

Another fun fact about Blago’s life behind bars, according to the Associated Press, he’s also performing in an Elvis-inspired rock band.

Side note: Pres. Obama made history this week when he issued 78 pardons and commuted sentences of 153 prisoners. This was the most in a single day. During the last 8 years, over 1,320 people have received reduced sentences or pardons.

If a person is having their sentence commuted, it means their time is shorten but does not change the conviction. A pardon is the president’s forgiving the person’s crime if the prisoner can prove they will lead a productive, law-abiding once they get out. With Obama’s term ending, any remaining petitions will be decided by Donald Trump once he takes office.

BET Will Send the First Family out in Style

As we begin to countdown the days The Obamas have left in the White House, we look on the change and impact The First Family have bestowed upon us. So it’s only right WE send them out in style.

BET Network has been tapped to host a star-studded musical celebration to show The First Family just how much we love them and how they have changed our lives these past eight years.

The Obamas time in The White House is coming to a close, and as election days draws near it’s only right we send them out in style and what better way for BET to make it happen. BET has taken charge to assemble some of the biggest and most respected stars in music to headline a concert that will act as a proper sendoff.

Debra Lee, Chairman and CEO said “Our country has been led for the past eight years by an extraordinary President and First Lady,” said. “We have all witnessed history in the making and I am humbled by this momentous opportunity for BET Networks to join the Obamas for this musical celebration.”

The event is expected to be filmed today and is hosted by Terence J and Regina Hall and the concert will feature performances by Usher, Jill Scott, Common, The Roots and more!

The concert special will air on BET Tuesday, November 15th at 9:00 P.M. ET/PT.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Paving the way for others to do the same

It has just been released by the Recording Industry Association of America that Beyoncé will receive her sixth platinum certificate for here newest album, LEMONADE. RIAA tweeted ,”The queen is now 6 for 6 with #RIAAPlatinum or more albums! #LEMONADE is Platinum, @Beyonce! Congratulations!” earlier this morning.

Beyoncé had gotten Platinum certifications from RIAA for every album she has released since she’s started her solo career. Even more astonishing, is that she is one of the very few to go multi-platinum in the past decade.

According to Billboard, Beyoncé’s self titled album was dubbed the second best album of the decade and scored a 85/100 which is the best score any female artist has received thus far.

Also, she is one of the two only black female artists to go double platinum on one of her albums.  For her to have broken the glass ceiling for female artists in this decade, this provides motivation for other women struggling to do the same.

A prime example of some attempting to break the glass ceiling is Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, June 7th,  CNN released that Hillary Clinton won California and secured her spot as the Democratic candidate for this years presidential election. Hillary Clinton is the first woman to ever be nominated as the Democratic candidate in the history of this country. She was also the first woman to run for a Democratic candidacy against Barack Obama. While she didn’t reign successful in winning the popularity over Barack Obama, this was the first time she broke the glass ceiling. This act of heroism and courage has motivated many young woman across America.

All in all, while these two women are in two different areas of business, Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton, are showing that if women put forth the effort and fight against the odds, their hard work will payoff. These firsts for women across America are allowing women to feel more empowered and want to create more first throughout the millennium.