THE WORD | Social media is Outraged after Rio Vista Officer Body Slams Woman

Social media is outraged and a use of force investigation is underway after cell phones recorded a woman being body slammed to the ground by a Rio Vista police officer.

The Rio Vista Police Department moved quickly after cell phone footage of the body slam went viral, releasing eight body camera videos of the traffic stop just two days after it happened, reports the Sacramento Bee.

It all began as a traffic stop a block away from home for a couple of siblings and a brother-in-law. The family of the young woman explained to FOX40 they were just coming back from a quick Sunday evening errand.

"Went to go to the store to pick up some sour cream and some cheese for our tacos," said Monaisha Thomas.

They say the officer who approached the car appeared irritated from the start.

Responding to the call, Deshaunna Payne and her daughter, Cherish Thomas, pulled up in a second car. Body cam footage from one officer show Payne and Thomas yelling at officers, demanding to know why some of the first car’s occupants had been arrested. They later go back into their cars briefly, emerging with their cell phones out to record the interaction.

"Like he came to do something and he wanted it done, so he's gonna get it done," Thomas told FOX40. "I felt like he was hoping that we weren't complying."

An internal investigation will be conducted into the incident, according to the news release, which the department says is standard procedure in a use-of-force incident.

Ex Chicago Gang Member Awarded $22 Million In Damages for Wrongful Conviction

 (John Smierciak / Chicago Tribune)

 (John Smierciak / Chicago Tribune)

A federal jury on Thursday awarded a whopping $22 million in damages to a former El Rukn (Black Stones) gang member who claimed two Chicago police detectives framed him for an infamous 1984 double murder that sent him to death row.


After two and half days of deliberation, the jury agreed with Nathson Fields' claims that Sgt. David O'Callaghan and Lt. Joseph Murphy violated his civil rights by withholding critical evidence from defense attorneys that could have pointed away from him as the killer.

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