Over the weekend, Chance The Rapper got married to his high school sweetheart. Fans knew he was getting married, but we didn’t know when. Earlier last week, Chance posted a a Twitter thread on how he met his wife, giving us a trip down memory lane and showing us why they are relationship goals. With their fellow friends and family, The Bennetts celebrated their wedding the right way.

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THE WORD | Jussie Smollett Removed From Empire’s Final 2 Episodes Following Arrest

On Friday, February 22, producers Lee Daniels, Danny Strong, Brett Mahoney, Brian Grazer, Sanaa Hamri, Francie Calfo andDennis Hammer revealed in a statement that Smollett, 36, will not appear in the final two episodes of the season.

The decision, producers said, was made to "avoid further disruption on set."

"The events of the past few weeks have been incredibly emotional for all of us," the statement said. "Jussie has been an important member of our 'Empire' family for the past five years and we care about him deeply. While these allegations are very disturbing, we are placing our trust in the legal system as the process plays out."



THE WORD| Jussie Smollett charged with filing a false report

BREAKING NEWS - Chicago Police say Jussie Smollett is now officially a SUSPECT in a criminal investigation for filing a false police report, a Class 4 felony. That could mean up to 3 years behind bars. Detectives are currently presenting evidence before a Cook County Grand Jury.

 Chicago Police: “Felony criminal charges have been approved by Cook County State's Attorney's Office against Jussie Smollett for Disorderly Conduct / Filing False Police Report. Detectives will make contact with his legal team to negotiate a reasonable surrender for his arrest.” 


THE WORD | DJ Akademiks Breaks Down YNW Melly Murder Charge "I Blame The Influence Of Chicago Drill Music "

D Akademiks mentioned on the Everyday Struggle Show on COMPLEX,  that he believes Drill music, a hardcore style of music that originated in Chicago is playing a huge part in reckless behave by young Hiphop Artists such At YNW Melly, Tay K, Kodak Black and the youth around America.

See video clip below provided by the Millenials.


Prosecutors investigating R. Kelly are looking into a newly surfaced video featuring the R&B superstar, lawyer Michael Avenatti told CNN.

CNN has seen the VHS tape that appears to show Kelly having sex with a girl who refers to her body parts as 14 years old. Avenatti, who is representing a man he calls a whistleblower against Kelly, says he handed the tape to the Cook County State's Attorney's Office in Chicago last weekend.



Lil Durk has finally been reunited with his father, who he calls Big Durk. Earlier this week (Feb. 12), the Chicago rapper tweeted that his pops Dontay Banks has been released from prison after he served nearly 25 years behind bars for selling crack-cocaine in Chicago back in the early 1990s.

Banks reportedly had up to $8 million dollars in his possession at the time of his arrest, and that money was seized from him and his associates by the FBI. In July 1994, The Chicago Tribune reported that Banks had been sentenced to life in prison. Banks served 22 years before he won his appeal. 

Durk kept his announcement about his father's release short and sweet, tweeting, "Big durk home !!!!💙"

THE WORD | Juice WRLD Announces Title & Release Date For New Album

Juice WRLD takes the crown for the biggest breakout year in 2018. The rapper already built a strong buzz on Soundcloud but after signing to Interscope records, he took over the rap game. "Lucid Dreams" was an inescapable hit, as was "All Girls Are The Same." Now, the rapper is gearing up to release his new project. He took to Twitter to announce the title and release date for the project.

A Deathrace For Love is Juice WRLD's official solo follow-up to Goodbye & Good Riddance, his major label debut. In 2018, he also teamed up with Future for their joint effort, WRLD On Drugs. The new project is set to drop in the middle of his tour with Nicki Minaj and Lil Xan. 

Chance The Rapper Is Hiring

Chicago's own  Chance the Rapper is looking for an intern. The Grammy-winner tweeted Monday afternoon he is hiring. No details on the day-to-day responsibilities or the pay range, but the experience could be priceless.

Women's Marches Break Out Across Every State and Continent

Women's March reached Paradise Bay, Antarctica

Photo: Linda Zunas/The Hill

In Chicago alone, 250,000 people came out for the rally in Grant Park Saturday morning. The event drew so many people, the actual march part was cancelled and the rally continued as usual. Chicago had the largest turnout behind the original location in Washington D.C. Organizers of the March in the city, said the march was cancelled because of the crowd and there was no safe way to march. Initial estimates thought roughly 22,000 people would show.

The March took place on the first full day after the Inauguration to send a message to the new administration coming in that women's rights are human rights. People came out in droves across the country in every state to demonstrate. A group of women marched on board a ship off the coast of Antarctica at Paradise Bay. 

Speakers for Chicago's event included Hamiliton cast members, Ari Afsar, Karen Olivo and Samantha Marie Ware. Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton, mother of Hadiya Pendleton, also served as a guest speaker this morning.

Read next: Female Organization Demands Trump Exit The Race



During Final Hours, Pres. Obama Frees 300 More Inmates, The Most In A Single Day

In his last act, Pres. Obama, shortened more sentences in a single day in U.S. history

In his last act, Pres. Obama, shortened more sentences in a single day in U.S. history

On his last day in office, President Obama granted 330 commutations. This will allow many drug offenders a lesser sentence. During the last eight years, Obama shortened 1,715 sentences, including 568 of whom were sentenced to life.

Read Obama's Tweet About Thursdays Move 

In a letter to the recipients the outgoing President said he believed they had the opportunity right now to do what is right. 

"I am granting your application because you have demonstrated the potential to turn your life around. Now it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity. It will not be easy and you will confront many who doubt people with criminal records can change... remember that you have the capacity to make good decisions."

Watch: What's The Word at Obama's Farewell Speech in Chicago

According to officials at the White House, this was the most commutations done in a single day by a sitting President. White House counsel Neil Eggleston said this comes as Obama worked on lessening harsh sentences.

"The vast majority of these men and women are serving unduly long sentences for drug crimes... He has a strong view that people deserve a second chance." For an inmate to be considered under Obama, they needed to demonstrate good behavior, already served 10 years, have a nonviolent offense. However, some exceptions were made for the 10-year-rule and there were some firearm violations in relation to the drug crimes.

President Obama made history when his was the first sitting President to visit a Federal Prison

President Obama made history when his was the first sitting President to visit a Federal Prison

During his final press conference Wednesday afternoon, Obama discussed the role of voting  and how the United States should make it easier to vote. He blames the Jim Crow era, saying the reason for the low turnout is because many Americans are eligible to vote who don't go to the polls. "It became sort of acceptable to restrict the franchise... The idea that we put in place a whole bunch of barriers to people voting doesn't make sense."

You can read his entire last speech here.

President-Elect Donald Trump will be inaugurated at noon on Friday, January 20th. Close to 60 Democrats will be boycotting the event for Trump's word to Civil Rights Icon and Representative John Lewis. 

Trump has been having close door meetings with a number of people ahead of his inauguration including Steve Harvey and Martin Luther King III. 

What do you take away from Obama's final gesture in office? Comment below and tell us.

"All-Star" Chicago Gang Members Headed To Prison

Five members of the Hobos gang was found guilty and convicted of racketeering conspiracy. The gang was at the center of the biggest gang trail in Chicago's history. Prosecutors described the gang, which consists of Black Disciples and Gangster Disciples, as the "all-star team" of ruthless gangs. They say the South Side group created a community of brutality even going so far to torture a robbery victim with a hot clothing iron.

The trail took three months with six days of deliberations before a verdict was reached. Altogether the Hobos was charged with 10 counts including drug and gun charges. The gang invoked so much fear, one witness who took the stand pleaded the 5th saying he chose not to testify "for the sake of me and my family," the judge held him in contempt and that witness was sentenced to 60 days. 

Chicago Police Accused of Patterns Of Excessive Force By U.S. Justice Department

Their resume of crimes including going as far as to fatally shoot Keith Daniels, a former gang member himself turned government informant, in front of his children age 4 and 6. Daniels was a witness for the prosecution and testified against the Hobos. They were also the ones behind the robbery of former NBA player Bobby Simmons. They stole a $200K diamond and gold chain outside of a night club. 

Hobos were noted for their few member but very organized, corporate-like business. They were well-armed and quick to kill. They would often commit their hits during the day and celebrated at a luxury hotel of Michigan Avenue at night.

The conviction comes as the city is reeling with one of the deadliest years in Chicago with 762 homicides in 2016. Experts say the destruction of public housing is a root problem to the gang and violence. The name Hobos reportedly was used because the members lost their homes from the tearing down of housing.

Recently President-Elect Donald Trump tweeted about the violence and what should be done. You can check that out and let us know what you think in the comment section below 

Chicago Police Accused of Patterns Of Excessive Force By U.S. Justice Department

The Chicago Police Department has a pattern of excessive force, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Friday, wrapping up a 13-month federal probe of a department that has been under heavy scrutiny over officer-involved shootings.

The city and the Justice Department have agreed to negotiate a reform plan that would be overseen by a federal judge, Lynch said in Chicago.

    The Justice Department, which began its investigation after the  uproar over the fatal shooting by Chicago police of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald back in 2014, they found numerous incidents of unjustified force, including:

    • Shooting at fleeing suspects who presented no immediate threat;
    • Using force to retaliate against and punish people.
    • Using Tasers on people who posed no threat;
    • Shooting at vehicles without justification;

    Read the full Justice Department report

    Watch Video Below:

    President Obama Gives His Farewell Address In Chicago

    In front of a crowd thousands at McCormick Place, President Barack Obama gave his final farewell speech. He began by highlighting some of his top accomplishments like successfully finding and killing Osama Bin Laden and providing healthcare to 20 million more Americans who otherwise would have been covered. He says the unemployment level is at the lowest it's been in years but says still some blue collar middle-class workers feel left behind and that the government only helps the powerful. 

    One message he spent time on was climate change saying we can't ignore science. Taking a obvious job at President-Elect Donald Trump who once said on Twitter climate change was a hoax spurred up by the Chinese government. Obama says the next generation and the ones after will suffer if immediate action is not taken. 

    The crowd was in tears as the outgoing president wrapped up his speech. He acknowledged First Lady Michelle Obama for their 25 years of marriage and for her support along the way. He says she helped a nation get healthier through her Let's Move campaign. He mentioned to his daughters Malia and Sasha that through his hard word as president, the best job he owned was being their father. 

    President Obama ended his 8 years in office back home in Illinois, the same state where he announced he was running for president 9 years ago in Springfield. He encouraged everyone to go out and make a difference themselves in their community instead of relying on others. He says if you have a problem with your local lawmakers, grab your clipboard and collect signatures. 

    On January 20th at noon, President Obama becomes Barack Obama, everyday citizen, once Trump takes office. To end his speech he said, "Yes we can and yes we can."

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    Trump tweets Chicago might need federal help on violence

    President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday where he drew attention to Chicago's struggles with surging violent crime, this time suggesting that perhaps Mayor Rahm Emanuel should seek help from the federal government. Homicides rose nearly 60 percent from 2015 to the highest levels in 20 years.