Stunt Taylor is back with "Pipe Down" and has a message for his haters and supporters

Mr.FeFe on the block is back with another dope visual. His new music video “Pipe Down” is a cinematic masterpiece filmed by the talented Lakeshore HY and Raw Provisions. Stunt Taylor hasn’t released that much music lately outside of the three singles he gave us earlier this year, he’s been really quiet. This “Pipe Down” record illustrates that the he knows his career had some ups and downs, but he ain’t stopping. His track “Juice” featuring Vic Mensa is a dope record, that was over looked. I recommend you listen to it.

Stunt acknowledges that a lot of people might not want see succeed, but as ad lib throughout the track “I made”. For those who don’t think he has, you should the crowd reactions when he performs at Power 92’s Hotrod PepRally TakeOver events. They love him, the video does amazing job in capturing those moments. Stunt will continue to work, and if you ain’t rocking with him keep “pipe down” and keep your comments to yourself. Stunt says he is coming.



WHATS THE BUZZ? [Buzzing music week of 11.25.18 ]

With new music being released at an all time high, each week the team will give you some new music from rising artists who needs that WHATS THE WORD stamp of approval.



@roddyricch ”every season” is probably one of the hottest tracks in the streets. Currently sitting at 8 Million YOUTUBE streams‼️ He recently signed to #MeekMill and the #dreamchasers, HE GETS THAT STAMP💯

Source: Cody Mack


@sprado_ NEW single ”Party” is ✔️APPROVED, the track was released November 5th and now has 80K Streams on Youtube.

Source: Cody Mack


Lil T.Jay the “Brothers” is a certified streaming sensation. The track was released in July is now at 12,000,000 on youtube. This track provides great vibes, something you can ride too. Lil Tjay has a lot of dope music don’t be surprise if you don’t see more of him.

Source: Jae Mack


After getting the stamp of approval from Meek Mill, lil Zay Osama, streams have been going crazy. He hasn’t dropped a song this year that hasn’t reached under a 100k. This Way Better track is probably one of Zay’s best tracks outside of the Whats My Plan record. It is currently at 800k streams on youtube.

Source: Cody Mack


KD Young Cocky “Animal” is the sleeper pick of the week. Probably one of the best tracks released by a rising artist this year. This a no surprise KD, has one of the best pens, and he is really underrated. This is just a preview of what the Squad Goals project that KD and D.Brooks been cooking up.

Source: Ari Jones


MVP Nasa “Online” is another sleeper, but once you hear this record, its a guarantee that you will play it back at least 3 Times. Nasa is very talented, and Online proves it.

Source: Cody Mack


Chanelle Tru Delivers One of the best Verses this year on "UnderGrad"


Rapper APOLLOSOGODLY releases his new single titled “Undergrad” featuring Chanelle TRU. The song is really dope, APOLLOSOGODLY did his thing with this joint. Undergrad is  definitely one of the best tracks I’ve heard from an indy artist in 2018. The dope video filmed by Diamond Visuals & directed by Shei Nicole added extra sauce. The visual featured some notables in the Chicago hip-hop scene such as Shaneika Speaks ( and DJ D93 9 (Kap G’s Tour DJ).

Just when you thought BARS were drying up in hip-hop Chanelle comes through with an epic 16 to change your mind. The female Chicago artist, closed out APOLLOSOGODLY “Undergrad” with a dope verse. This verse is by far one of the hardest from any artist, male or female I’ve heard this year. The swag and energy she displayed as she delivered the verse was amazing. Had to replay it at least 3 times. She mostly know for her R&B music, but its obviously she can do both.  If you had any doubt about miss TRU before, think twice. The girl is nice (Fabolous voice).




While most were out trick or treating, Juice wrld and Gherbo hit the stage at Illinois State University (ISU), Halloween night (October 31st, 2018). Before the two hit the stage loud chants of “Gherbo.. Gherbo.. GHerbo” & “Juice Wrld.. Juice Wrld.. Juice wrld” filled the room! From the beginning of the concert to the end, the energy for the two artist was out the roof!

“ Man, it feels good to be home” - g herbo

Great show ! The two definitely make Chicago proud !

Cdot Honcho's H4 Listening Session Was Filled With Lit Vibes!

Photos from H4 Listening Private Session ( Tyler Neander/ IG: @glocklessmajor )

Rising Chicago talent Cdot Honcho held a private listening party for his upcoming project titled “H4”. Some of the City top urban influencers stopped through to show honcho some love. As he played some of his favorite tracks from the project you couldn’t help but notice the lit reactions from the crowd. He mentioned that he does do a lot of features, but played a track which featured Chief Keef, that joint sounded good on the first ear. After that DJ Royal keeps the party going with some more exclusive H4 joints.

Cdot an artist who was listed at #2 on our Chicago Artists Watchlist of 2018, has been buzzing all year after singles like “Anti” and “So Long”. Cdot Honcho is dominating in this streaming era, almost every video he drops averages anywhere around from 300k views on youtube. Cdot is one of those gems in the city that everyone is waiting to get that breakthrough hit. He has a buzz but is missing that one hit to take him to the next level, and maybe H4 may consist of that hit.







"One good thing about music, when it hits youyou feel no pain." - Bob Marley

We decided to compile a list of songs, that have buzz from our local Chicago artist. This BUZZ CHART, is similar to the Billboard chart, but instead of weighing in album sales and radio spins, our formula is based on streams. We use Youtube, Spotify, and Soundcloud as our base, the formula also factor in the songs release date.

Example Gherbo "Swervo" record has been released for 2 months and FBG Duck “Slide” has been out for 7 months. Both are buzzing tracks but the streams are almost identical. However, based on our formula Swervo is ahead of Slide because it grew faster and is more relevant.  

We are releasing an updated chart every month, this will give the nation an insight into what songs/artists that are buzzing in our market. Using only streams from free platforms provides independent artist like Polo G and El Hitla to compete with seasoned industry artists like Dreezy, Lil Durk, etc. 

Music is subjective, so no one man can say which record is better than the next. After consulting with DJs, A+Rs, bloggers and our youth studying group,  in conjunction with our formula the BUZZ CHARTS serves as the voice for the people, the listeners, the true Goal Keepers.


2Teaser_Hot25 Buzz Charts.jpg

Follow Your Dreams: Toni Romiti

Toni Romiti a 23-year-old girl from Chicago il with a dream of playing basketball & becoming a singer/songwriter. In high school, Romiti was one of her school's star basketball players whose passion was to sing. Romiti started her fan base from Vine by creating comedy skits. You guys might know her as being the creator of “bish whet” or even her hit song “NOTHIN’ ON ME” back in the year of 2013. NOTHIN’ ON ME reached over 45 million plays on YouTube. Which also landed her a remix feature with Chicago’s superstar Tink.

“ I cried when I put this song out once I started to see the reaction. I thought I was going to be rich and famous shortly after this. But that’s not how things work”.

Toni shortly after went away to college to continue her education & play college basketball. Romiti later discovered that she wanted to Pursue her career in the music industry so she ended her education & moved to L.A to do so.

With dropping songs in between time. Romiti worked on perfecting her craft. Romiti later collab with worlds well-known comedian DC young fly making a new hit song “NEVER THOUGHT”. Romiti also landed an opportunity to write a song for Chris Brown ft. dej loaf & Lil Yatchy “HANDLE IT”. Romiti is back on her grind and just dropped her new album Tomboy.

“The slow grind has been the best. The amount of success I’ve had thus far has been truly a blessing because so many people want the same dream”.