Hiphop Artist Breeze Spreads Good Vibes With "Henny And The Homies"

Saturday night, Whats The Word TV engaged in vibes at the Music Garage. Henny and the Homies was definitely an evening of dope sounds. Powered by The Shipmates, the event headlined Are You Afraid of The Dark, the latest project from West side Chicago rapper Breeze. It also featured performances from other Chi-town artists such as Trip Heavy, B Rill, Van Go, Mika Luciano and more. The night also featured sounds by Chicago DJ Just One.

What’s The Word caught up with Breeze to talk about his inspirations in music and Henny And The Homies:

Bree Specific: Can you tell us about the platform for Henny and the Homies? Is it different form ordinary listening parties?

Breeze: “I’ve seen a lot of artists do listening parties which seems to be the new trend. [ Henny and the Homies ] serves that same purpose just in a different way. So I decided to actually perform an entire body of work live. In order to give an understanding of what it is. Alongside giving my homies, my rapper and singer homies a platform to showcase their talent in front of different crowds.”

Bree Specific: Are You Afraid Of The Dark is your latest project, What influenced the title?

Breeze: “ Of course it’s popular 90s Nick Shows, I’m a super nostalgia. I like throwback Nickelodeon and it fits the October theme you feel me. More over, it’s representative of someone being afraid of what it takes to succeed. The different things you may possibly go through on your journey to the top. Is it something you’re afraid of? Is there something that makes you timid where you’re not stepping out on faith […] you know? That’s where I got the title from and what it means to me. “

Bree Specific: Where do you see yourself musically in five years?

Breeze: “ [….] somewhere being nationally and globally recognized for what I do you know what I mean. Producing major projects for not only hip hop artist but r&B artists perhaps, poets, and different genres alike.. Hopefully I have at least one you know highly distributed album out. I’m picked up by the masses and received well by audiences to develop a fan base that will allow me to prepare myself to the next platform, like I said is global notoriety . Being some sort of influence and motivation to someone coming from my side. “

As live music and performances flowed throughout the night the atmosphere also flourished. Henny and the Homies was just that. Every performer blessed the stage in one room among supporters consisting of all positive energy. A second room with a window looking to the stage served libations and networking among music lovers and other creators. Sounds were given by DJ Just One who rocked the Music Garage during the event.

As the night went on the crowd maximized and Breeze touched the stage encouraging attendees to embrace the atmosphere while sharing his story throughout the end set. His persona tells the life of a Chicago guy turning a passion into a lifestyle, supporting his homies, and continuing to grow through his experiences while figuring out the ins and outs of life. He interacted with the crowd and created a presence that they all will know as Breeze. He rapped through tracks like Nobody, Mitch Richmond, and other songs from the Are You Afraid of The Dark track list.

Overall,  Henny and the Homies was a vibe. A Saturday evening well spent with music lovers, supporters, and great creators all pushing towards elevating their passions and supporting those who support their craft. You can follow Breeze and all of the performers from Henny And The Homies on social media below. Be sure to check out Are You Afraid of The Dark by clicking here

Breeze- @theactualbreeze

Van Go- @vangochicago

Meech- @ovaeastmeech

B Rill- @brillrnb

Weasel Sims- @weaselimsran

Chief B.L.- @chiefbl

Jae Haze- @jaehaze_ran

Mika Luciano- @mikaluciano

Brugie B- @brugieb

Tripp Heavy @trippheavy

Singer Brill Performing at Henny and The Homies

Singer Brill Performing at Henny and The Homies

Henny And The Homies packed out

Henny And The Homies packed out