E.Nos is Headed In The Right Direction With The Loose Lighters 2 EP

E.NOS is back at it again with his second installment in the loose lighters series. Last week in Chicago he gave some industry movers and shakers a private listen at Pressure Point Studios located in the south loop. The silent listening event was hosted by Power 92’s Bree Specific and the vibe curator was DJ Hoop Dream (Dreezy’s tour DJ).

The 8 song EP included other Chicago MCs such as Chimeka and Ohana Bam. The south side artist came with some heat with this tape; the bars were delivered. On the first ear, it had some tracks with replay value. The “King Plots” is the stand out track, along with “3ft No Pressure”. DC did great engineering this project, usually with rising artist the BARS get lost because how horribly the music is mastered; this is not the case with Loose Lighters 2. Enos has been on the scene for years, his progression is due to his hard work, and “Hard work pays off, thats the trap facts” - Enos (3ft no pressure). Loose Lighters 2 will be available to the public October 14th.





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