Monday, the Creative Cypher hosted it’s 3rd installment of their Comedy Show series. The event held at the Black Ensemble Theater was hosted by comedian T-Murph. The show featured Just Nesh & Russ Williamson with Michael Issac as the show's headliner. The theater was filled with laughs. The show gave a DEF Comedy Jam vibe with the comedians and musicians combination. The Creative Cypher added a Chicago twist.

Chicago is the home of great comics such as Bernie Mac, Deray Davis, Corey Holcomb, and Lil Rel Howry. However, the city has no black comedy clubs for young African American comics to practice their sets. Jokes and Notes was the last club standing and it closed, summer of 2016. Troy Pryor, creator of the Creative Cypher plans to revive the city’s rich comedy history by providing a platform for rising comedians.

I built Creative Cypher to operate as self sustainable ecosystem, providing artists access to resources, and creative family, and educational programing. Since it's inception we've been about support hundreds of artists and function like a bank. Our goal was to eliminate the need for permission to create what we wanted, so we created our own bank.  - Troy Pryor, Creator of Creative Cypher

After having 3 successful shows at the Black Ensemble Theater, Troy announced that the show will be moving to the south side from now on. He also dropped another bomb on the crowd. He introduced the G.O.O.D Network; a digital media distribution platform for creatives to house projects such as movies and television shows; think Netflix & Hulu. This platform will give local creatives an opportunity to produce quality independent content that will be recognized from the Academy; making projects Emmy & Oscar eligible. "We no longer have to ask for permission"- Troy Pryor.