Chicago Will Not Let DJ Timbuck2 Be Forgotten

DJ Timbuck2 was one of the most respected DJ’s to not only grace the city of Chicago but the hip-hop culture. Touching many lives through music, Timbuck2 was not your average DJ, with multiple influences of hip-hop his technique with the turntables, he always seen it as an opportunity to educate hip hop.

"one of the most talented and gifted DJs ever!"- Common

Known for putting Chicago talent on the local radio, Timbuck2 was one of the biggest supporters of the Chicago music movement, working as a tour DJ for major artist including Kanye West, Common and Lupe Fiasco.

"Awesome DJ…even better human being." - Just Blaze

After the untimely passing of DJTimbuck2 in 2015, people from all over the country poured in their condolences and support to celebrate his life. At the request of DJ Timbuck2, the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation was founded to promote self-health awareness amongst men. Last night at House of Blues Chicago the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation will held its 4th annual benefit show. Keeping his Timbuck Tuesday tradition alive, the city was ready to party on a “school night”. The show featured some of Hip-Hop’s OGs such as N.O.R.E, Just Blaze and More! Performances by Gherbo and Joey Purp.

A night full of surprises, The Foundation announced the Timbuck2 x Blazer Nike Shoe Collaboration. The Vibes were curated by several Chicago DJ’s Mustafa Rocks, Boi Jeanius, DJ Elz,  Jay Illa, DJ Word, Vic Lloyd who together performed a tribute remembering Timbuck2’s legacy and contribution to the hip-hop culture.  Each year the celebration gets bigger and better, connecting the new generation with OGs. Just as DJ Timbuck2 its becoming a staple event in the Chicago’s urban culture.

As the city continue to build towards building and maintaining a health music Industry, its great to celebrate the ones who paved the way.Whether its Tuesdays at Beauty Bar or at the House of Blues Timbuck2 legacy will live forever.


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