Chicago Gathers For WWJZD (What Would Jay-Z DO)

On Tuesday, December 4th, Sanctuary: Music + Aesthetics hosted the event “Church in the Wild” a curated Jay-Z celebration and a book launch. This event was in honor of Jay-Z’s 49th birthday as well as author Quinn Bryant’s book. This elaborate occasion took place on 1400 S. Michigan in Chicago’s south loop. Guests were greeted by a hostess and given a black wrist band with the acronym “WWJZD”  meaning, What Would Jay-z Do?

“What Would Jay-Z Do?” is the title of Bryant’s new book. The book is a daily affirmation book for the culture using Jay-Z lyrics, according to the website. Bryant sat down with Chicago’s own Dave Jeff to discuss being a lifelong Jay-Z fan. She spoke about what makes Jay-Z so great and was asked who was the best between Biggie, Jay, and Nas. Giving the obvious answer of Jay-Z,  Bryant said that her inspiration for writing the book was the fact that listening to Jay-Z is like going to church for many people; because of all the lessons he gives through his lyrics.

As far as the most challenging thing about writing the book, Bryant says coming up with 366 quotes. But not trying to find them, instead trying to narrow them down. She stated that there’s so many quotes to choose from that there needs to be a “What Would Jay-Z Do Part 2.

Bryant ended the Q&A talking about the future of “WWJZD.” She said that there will be a series of books, these books will be kind of the “For Dummies” for the culture. She says there is a Nas, Lil’ Kim, and even Kanye one in the works. “They all shaped us in some way,” says Bryant on the significance of these books.

Check out some the photos from the night below.