Launch Party Provides Good Vibes With The XXL Experience

The XXL Experience is an interactive blacklight website launch party for the blog is blog based on the life experiences of a young black woman name Tatiana in her 20’s trying to balance her work life, a successful relationship, and family differences all at once. This is blog is geared towards the average black woman looking to make an impactful difference in her everyday life. With the many challenges Tatiana faces, she hopes that her blog and her experiences can inspire and help the next woman.

This launch party was for anyone interested in learning more about the blog itself or people who are currently following the blog. The event included beer pong, twister, Jenga games, body painted go go dancers, two DJ’s, and free giveaways. The event was co-sponsored by Fli-Nation , which is one of the best in the city when it comes social events. The people responsible for controlling the vibes were Bree Specific, DJ Mile High and more! This was a very fun event and the next one will be nothing less that spectacular.