147 Calboy Releases "Beautiful" Music Video and "Muddy Waters" Track

Chicago's rising hip-hop star Calboy is at it again, with two new tracks "Beautiful" and "Muddy Waters". Calboy who was named number #8 on our Chicago 2018 artist watchlist, is one of the most consistent artists in the city. His work ethic is admirable; he lives in the studio.  It's no surprise to hear he has a project that may be dropping in may.

The "Beautiful" track seems to be the first single from the project. The track is short and could use another verse, but it still gets the job done. It has a lot of quotable lines, women will love this song.  Calboy is good at expressing himself through melodic lyrics., "Beautiful" will have a guy looking for a ride or die chick to have fun and enjoy life. "Muddy Waters" produced by J.Bandz, is another track where Calboy uses his melodic tones, but this time he talking about leveling up, also coping with hate, jealousy, and envy by indulging in  "Muddy Waters" aka the purple drank. Like any other Calboy record, the streams for both tracks are growing rapidly, make sure add these tracks to your playlist this weekend.