Sincerely Ritchurd Spreads Good Vibes With Soulful Culture

Its a lot of dope functions happening in the city of Chicago, and as the summer approaches more events will begin to take place. Sincerely Ritchurd got an early start to the summer festivities, by spreading good vibes with their "Soulful Culture"  event. 

"Sincerely, Ritchurd is a fashion platform aimed at inspiring minority fashion
designers, influencers, models, design creatives, and the community as a
whole. Our goal is to not only provide daily fashion tips for the people but to
show them that style is what you make it. Sincerely,
Ritchurd is all about
galvanizing its viewers to BUY MINORITY and in INVEST IN MINORITY

Soulful Culture, which was a social networking event that brought young millennials together for opportunities to shop, make business connections, and enjoy an evening of the Arts. The event was held at The Sanctuary in the South Loop. They provided great vibes; it had live music, a sponsored bar, various food vendors, and dope brands. 

Sincerely, Ritchurd was founded by fashion visionaries that wanted to become a resource for the culture. Sincerely, Ritchurd is where socially conscious fashion lovers get the latest minority fashion news, style tips, and creative inspiration for a greater and more meaningful shopping experience. This is one of the many events you can expect from the brand. With their mission and how well they tend to execute things, you can expect nothing but dope things from them in the future. They are definitely a resource that will be beneficial to  Chicago's fashion culture.

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