Chimeka Illustrates amazing creativity with "Champagne Showers" music video

"In the 3rd visual from the critically acclaimed "Cool ep" Chimeka & the Don't Do Coke crew make there acting debut' with A spin on the Cult Classic..
The Black O'ren Ishii brings to you "Champagne Showers"

The unicorn is at it again with another dope visual for her song β€œChampagne Showers” Directed by Strip mall productions. Chimeka the woman with many talents expresses how her BOSSness in this video. Many have seen her post clips of this video for months, but didn't know what she was previewing until now.

Chimeka never disappoints with her marketing and visuals. Her "Don't Do Coke" campaign was one of the dopest strategies I've seen from an artist. We living in a day and age when musicians, just drop music videos and expect them to go viral. Chimeka understands the importance of a proper roll out and being creative with your release. I can't wait to see what she releases next, some of these rappers may want to connect with her to get a video done before the prices go up.

P.S. I love the kung fu subtitles in the beginning.