Guns down , Gloves up ! Karen Civil, Floyd Mayweather, J.Prince In Chicago

Photos By: Taylor Johnson/ @theroyaltmedia on Instagram

Karen civil & Floyd Mayweather hosted a Guns down, Gloves up event in an effort to stop gun violence. The panelist included Ryan Henry from black ink Chicago and owner of 9Mag tattoo shop, D. Nash a Chicago activist who walked from Chicago to the White House to protest gun violence, Cory Gilkey an entrepreneur & J.prince the CEO of Rap-a lot-records in the discussion of Chicago's’ gun violence and what needs to be done. Each of the panelists explained their personal experiences with gun & how it took an effect on their lives. 

In a result of the event. The panelist agreed that in order for a change in gun violence we need to unite as a community and start becoming involved in our own community. Floyd Mayweather mentions that he will be opening a number of Mayweather fitness centers around the Chicago land area to keep the community involved and help many stay out of trouble. The message throughout the whole event was that we need to come together an prove to others that we want to change. And the first step to our solution would be to come together.





Dinner with a Boxing & CEO Champ..

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