Chicago Pops Outs To Celebrate OZ's Debut EP

OZ's journey down the yellow brick road has come to an end, the young kid from the middle east has finally released his debut project titled "The Land of OZ". The project is themed after the legendary film "The Wizard of Oz" which is a play on his name "OZ" (It would be dope if his follow up project was trap influenced called "The Wiz"). The 5 track EP, is filled with some lyrical heat with tracks such as "call me oz" and "Lion". My personal favorite is the track that didn't make the EP. "Toto"; the track that would be a kick back and DJ favorite.

This night was very special, OZ brought the city out to the Underground nightclub located in Chicago's river north neighborhood. Some of the City's best such as Jabari Parker, Tone Kapone, Serayah From Empire and More! The rising DJ sensation DJ Caleeb kept the vibes great all night, and OZ ended with a great performance.

Oz has been sitting on music, for some time now at this point 'The Land of Oz" is just the introduction, he has evolved since our 2018 Watchlist; this says a lot because if this project is just an introduction the future music is going to be bananas! I've said it before and I'll Say it again OZ is the real deal, don't sleep. Listen for your self.