Chimeka Releases Her Music Video at Pizza and a Movie 2

Amazing Bar spitter Chimeka and her Dont Do Coke Crew hosted their 2nd Pizza and a Movie event in Chicago.  The event featured some artwork and films from some amazing artists. Chimeka created amazing art using pizza boxes as her canvas. A film  by Lord Vincent Redstar really touched the crowd, the young Muay Thai Fighter as he explained is journey to Thailand to train. How he had to take showers using buckets of waters. The kid even sold his Piano to afford the plane ticket to Thailand. The piano is relevant, because Vincent self taught himself how to play the piano and read music. Playing the Piano kept Vincent  calm and from “punches holes in walls” he said.

The event concluded with the world premiere of Chimeka’s music “Above PAR” directed by the talented Lake Shore High. Chimeka is never short on the bars, and by teaming up with one of the hottest female cinematographers in the city was a great recipe for an amazing visual