Lil Moody ft. Tink - WOP REMIX

WHO PUT YOU ON: Actually lil moody tagged us on her video and put us on. This will get you moving! The video is full of fun and it’s featured with Tink ! - Lovejones 

MT - Open Wounds 

WHO PUT YOU ON : This is a very unique duo THEY’RE TWINS! They’re are definitely something to check out cause they have some heat! - Lovejones 

MVP GQ- Play Yo Role 

WHO PUT YOU ONE: I’ve been checking out MVP GQ for a little and so far I have not been disappointed. He’s definitely one to look out for! - Lovejones 

Jade Krystal - I Like 

WHO PUT YOU ON: @Codymackkk put me on . Homegirl can sing. I’m rockin’ with you jade

Queen Key ft Kid Kenn - Go 

WHO PUT YOU ON: @Codymackkk & @Foreverrlovejones The two linked up again and made another hit ! Plus the beat go CRAZYY ! - Lovejones

D2X - Go!

WHO PUT YOU ON: @Nayrcreate & @1Quis put me on.

Audrey Valentine - (Say Yes) ft. Richie Wes

WHO PUT YOU ON:  @Codymackkk put me on. Now this is what the culture needs more of! Real R&B all around. I love this collaboration with Richie Wes.

Lou Will - Rebound

WHO PUT YOU ON: @Codymackkk

MVP Kobe "Broke Down" ft. MVP Lotto

WHO PUT YOU ON: My young guys from the MVP clique are very talented, don’t be surprised if you see a lot more records from this group featured on WHATS THE BUZZ. @codymackkk

Sprado - Mike and Ike

WHO PUT YOU ON: Sprado teased this track on instagram months ago, once it released I had to feature it. -@CodyMackkk