Tech N9ne talks new album

Platinum selling artist, and independent vet, Tech N9ne prepares for “The Storm’ as his newest album is set to debut tomorrow, on September 9th 2016. Tech N9ne and NoSike talk about everything, from reigning over Tech’s independent empire, to reinvesting into his brand, and being in the game for the next 5 years to come.

The best selling independent artist started Strange Music in 1999, yet even before 1999, Tech, has been creating the storm within himself and generating music fans love to play on repeat.

Tech has fused Genre’s of Rock and Hip-Hop. While this Kansas City native is a Pioneer. Tech, is the perfect fit to guide his listeners through his latest album “The Storm.”

Hear and tune in to Ashley NoSike’s, interview with the Pioneer and the King of Independent Artists!      

Post Script

Ashley- Hello…? Hello…, is this Tech N9ne?

TechN9ne- Yea, this Tech N9ne here,

Ashley- Hey, how are you?

TechN9ne- Is this Ashley?

Ashley- Yes, this is Ashley.

TechN9ne- How wonderful mama?

Ashley -Good, so were going to do a quick interview with you today, basically about your… I’m pretty sure your manager sent this to you already. But just basically your music, The Calm Before the Storm Tour, views on society, and things coming up.

TechN9ne- Ok.

Ashley -Cool, so first things first, you are seen, as the king of making it cool to be independent. You’re like the independent reigning champion. So, what keeps that drive to keep that going for so long? Cause, a lot of artists usually, they do maybe one or two studio albums, and that’s all they have. But you’ve done, like, about fifteen, maybe even more?

TechN9ne- Yea, I have this fire and love. It’s like I always feel like I have something to prove. And on every cd or every recording or every LP or anything that I do, I feel like I have to rep against TechN9ne, and that’s hard to do. So, if I keep on challenging this TechN9ne guy, from his last work, I think that it keeps on being more and more exciting. You know what I mean? Because, I haven’t become complacent, you know what I’m saying, or just comfortable in the area I’m in, you know what I’m saying? I want to keep getting better, and better, and better. And I always feel that I have something to prove, because I’m different then a lot of people. You know, A lot of rappers don’t think that stage, and do the things we do, you what I’m saying? Or say the things we say, because were strange but, at the same time, you know, we’re relatable, but I still feel like I have to murder anything in my way and whatever I did last.

Ashley- Ok  

TechN9ne- So, I think that’s why I keep the title of the top independent. Because, we keep hitting the Forbes list every year, and this that and the other. But we don’t really count that. We just keep going, and look back, and say, “Wow we did that?” You Know?

Ashley- Ok cool, so believe it or not I was born in 1995. But you founded strange music in 1999, and from then till now, you actually are probably one of the only independent artists to have more than two singles, certified gold by the RIAA. So, talk to me about that a little bit, because this is just recent, this kind of just happened.

TechN9ne- Yea just happened man, and that surprised the hell out of me man! Because I was, well, two weeks ago doing this thing, for this soccer team, supporting KC you know? They wanted me to come out and perform Hood Go Crazy, and another thing I did for the Royals was called the KC anthem. And that night when I was coming home, with my partner Travis, he said “Hey man, I’ve been trying to keep this secret, until we give you these the plaques but a, Hood Go Crazy is also gold just like Caribou Lou. They got certified gold by the RIAA.” I’m like “What!!?” We don’t just do one buddy, and we don’t look back. We just, ok, we just gone keep going till we strike gold, or platinum, or whatever we strike? We really ain’t trying to strike none of that, we just trying to strike people you know? I mean when we hit milestones, like that man, it’s a surprising.

Ashley- Right, Amazing! Like, Remarkable!           


TechN9ne- You just doing the work, and you turn around, and the next thing you know, its 500,000 people saying they like this song, and that song, and THAT SONG.


Ashley- And, that song… haha.

TechN9ne- All these original records as an independent label, and I’m like wow, that’s wonderful….that’s.. that’s.. something…

Ashley-So, technically speaking, you have also created this type of blueprint.

Ashley- Sure

Ashley- Because, you see a lot of independent artists going independent, like Chance the Rapper; a lot of underground artists becoming more, not even mainstream, because you are absolutely not a mainstream artist. I don’t even think that you look at yourself as a mainstream artist. You’re TechN9ne, but a lot of artists, you know, to get that media light, and be seen by the fans for who they truly are, you created this blueprint. You do it from doing live, super crazy, live shows, to merchandise, hats shirts, the whole fit, and basically reinvesting into your empire. How or what of importance is that to you, of reinvesting into your brand, and also doing that towards your community?     

TechN9ne- Well you have to.. You can’t just take all the money for yourself and run. And if you want something to last forever, you have to keep putting back in to grow it. So, me and Travis, kept putting our money back in, and the next thing you know, we had HQ you know what I’m saying?

For more of the interview, feel free to listen and stay tuned for the finalized post-script interview with Ashley NoSike and TechN9ne!