Backwood Jones (YP) Talks Industry Plants, Drill Music, Working with NO I.D. and More!

Fresh off the release of his new EP 'Blind Alley" we were able to catch up with rising Hip Hop talent YP aka Backwood Jones for an exclusive interview. YP is not your stereotypical drill/violent Chicago artist, the eastside native is very laid back and provides smooth "Snoop Dogg" or "T.I." type of vibes. 

YP is no newbie to this Hip-hop scene, in fact, he was one of many who benefited from the 2012 Chicago Industry wave that featured guys like Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Young Chop just to name a few. YP had inked a deal with Universal Republic. The rapper called said this happened by "Chance" he was working with Hip Hop legendary producer No I.D (Produced Jayz 4:44 album) out in LA when another AR heard his music that his friend so happened to be playing. One thing led to another the bidding war began. 

YP stent with Universal wasn't that long, "I recorded an album for them, I guess I fulfilled my obligations...One day they just stopped paying for flights. "Even though he never released an album under the label, the rapper says he is grateful for the experience and seemed more pleased that he didn't owe them any money after the deal was done.

We talked about his views on Chicago Hip-hop, and how the "Drill" wave is highlighted and not giving an actual illustration of how diverse the Chicago music scene is. "It's just where kids come from, it's their way of making not here to judge its rap" He views drill not as negative, its artist rapping about their environment. If someone disagrees with the music they have a choice not to listen to it. 

This conversation with YP was very interesting, I was able to understand him more on top of getting know more about his personal life. We laughed a lot during this interview as we debated hip-hop and who's his top 5 artists. Things also got deep, when the question about the death of his son Kaiden aroused. The rapper had the displeasure of losing his 5 month-year-old son a few years ago from sudden infant death syndrome. He talked about how he was in a dark place for a long time, and how it would make him sad to see parents with their kids. Now YP is in a better place, he stated "Now I get happy when I see young kids and parents, It makes me think of what I could have had. It makes me smile"

YP is an interesting talent and a great person. He has a lot of experience, and during a period of time which I believe is a musical/art renaissance movement in Chicago. A lot of people can benefit from the Knowledge that YP has, and the music he presents. Listening to tracks like Flake, YP has the talent to paint pictures for the blind, and with visuals like "With You" he is an artist that can bring fun back to hip-hop.