ChaseTheMoney Talks Relationship With FUTURE. He and Valee Next Best Producer/Rapper Combo?

While visiting Atlanta for the A3C Festival I was able to catch up with rising hip-hop producer ChaseTheMoney(CTM). He is a Saint Louis, Missouri native who has proven to be one of the cultures best beat makers. He has collaborations with artists from G-Herbo, Future, Bump J and more. His most recent work is the joint project with Chicago’s Zmoney titled “ZTM” which follows the “VTM” with Valee.

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I must admit, for a 21-year-old CTM is very mature for his age. The mindset which he approaches his career differs from other hip-hop musicians I’ve had the pleasure to interview. CTM is very focused, and have a clear vision of what he wants his career to look like. He is very big on branding himself properly. Even with the release of the interview, he wanted to make sure it provided his fans with the right intent. He insisted that the focus was music, not click bate drama that is used on to drive views.

Focusing on his music we were able to gain insight into his relationship with FUTURE and the Free Band Gang. It was known that FBG had reached the Midwest, because of Chicago’s own Zona Man. The discovery of the STL connection was a complete shocker.  CTM mentioned that he'd been in tune with Future and FBG for about 3 years, “I met bro when I was 18, I'm 21 now...He is a cool genuine N***a, I like to talk to genuine people.....Bro like the drip king".  The producer also hinted that it might be a possible “FTM” project with him and FUTURE.

A VTM project would be just what CTM needs to put his stamp on the rap game. He is already climbing the ladder by building a strong relationship with the talented Valee ( It was  Valee, who created the iconic “Chase The Money, Chase The Money” beat tag ). Valee whom I believe is one of Chicago’s highly underrated artist. His single Shell, which was not produced by but inspired by CTM is a hit. My personal favorites from the duo are "I Got Whatever", Started Off My Day (Hey)", and Raw.

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In the interview above CTM mentions how the two complement one another. "That's who I got the best chemistry with, that's who I make the best music with...Bro just raw" says CTM.

Valee has as CTM puts it “a weird” style. Similar to Future, Valee mimics instruments in his rhymes creating a unique melody as he delivers #BARS. "That N***a is like a strange talk box"said CTM. The two reminds me of Future & Metro Boomin. This tag team might just be the next best “back-court” in hip-hop. I’m very anxious to see what CTM has up his sleeves for his next project, with his work ethic I see Grammy’s & “ILLIONS” ( not millions or billions, CTM stated ) in his future.

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