Chance The Rapper and Jeremih Celebrates 2nd Chi-town Xmas Mixtape

Chance The Rapper and Jeremih are back it again with their second installment of Merry X-Mas lil mama chi-town Christmas mixtape. The mixtape was debut live on Power 92.3 Chicago radio as apart of Hotrods first official show as a full-time jock.

The night was full of energy and Christmas cheer, but one conversation about the release of the music. It was as if some powers didn't want the music to be released. Neither Chance nor Jeremih confirmed these allegations but in the interview with Hotrod, some things referenced this theory.

Outside of the music politics, the body of work is once again good music for the holidays, some stand out tracks are; "Ms.Parker", "Big Kid Again", and "Are You Live" featuring the rising local star Valee & produced by the homie Chasethemoney.

Listen to Merry X-Mas Lil mama: Re-wrapped on SoundCloud below: