Supa Bwe talks Artist Stealing His Sound, Finally Dead Album & More!

The city of Chicago has a lot of hidden gems as it relates to musicians. The artist that I'm currently acknowledging is non-other than hip-hop rising talent Supa Bwe. The artist has recorded tracks with some of the best in the city a list which includes Twista and Chance The Rapper.

Having the pleasure to sit with Supa Bwe on the day of his album release, Finally Dead was really dope. The project concept was very intriguing. When first hearing the name and seeing the artwork, one might believe he is following the sad demonic wave that you get from a lot of these hip-hoppers these days.

In a conversation, I was able to uncover the true message behind this project's illustrations and title. Supa Bwe described the phrase Finally Dead, as his EGO dying, and that he was ready to move on from his past that brought him so many troubles.

He gave us insight on how the Group Hurt Everybody split up, and a huge part of that came because of his ego. Supa Bwe's tunnel vision allowed him to overlook his fellow comrades POV in regards to group operations. "I was so thirsty for the goal that It blindsided me when everyone else was just like we rather not work you than even reach the goal"

 Since then rapper explained how he moved on from the situation and began to rebuild some of those old relationships. In order for him to move forward, he had to kill his old self.

 I must admit  Supa Bwe's articulation and positive energy was quite shocking. Didn't expect for him to be such a genuine and humble guy. So humble that he's passive-aggressive to the artist who Imitates his music.

 Hip-hop talent Trippie Red has been accused by fans of stealing SUPA Bwe's style, without giving him Any acknowledgment.  “Emulation is the greatest form of flattering” Supa Bwe said. during the interview, he did get a little heated once this question was asked. It seems as if he was frustrated, more than angry. He tried to remain humble with his answer, but as seen in the video it was pretty hard to stay calm. The rapper also stated why he is hesitant in calling out the artist publically. Not that he's scared but he knows that higher powers in the music industry can try to stop him and place holds on his career because he is attacking their investments.

 The rock-influenced sound has been something that he has been doing for 10 plus years now. It's no surprise because he is half British, his mother is from England. During his Upbringing, he states during a radio interview with Hotrod of Power 92.3 that he used to listen to James Brown as a kid and just wish it had some metal rock vocals screaming over it.

 Listening to the finally dead album you can hear the rock influences as they blend nicely with the hip-hop trap beats. The standout tracks are "Thot Goddess" and “Supa Bwe”.  Would recommend buying this project, because the Bwe Supa has something to say. The sound quality of the project is very great as well, which comes to surprise because the artist mixed it in his basement. Supa Bwe told Hotrod that he used the money he received from his distribution deal to build a home studio in his basement.

 This interview was one of the most interesting ones I’ve done thus far, Supa is a really humble artist and I support his movement. I believe his story of growth is the most intriguing and provides motivation to others to kill our egos to become the person God wants us to be.


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